Fast food chains are a rapid rising epidemic worldwide, and yet seemingly is being constantly overlooked.  Many studies have shown the direct link of fast food and the increase numbers of obesity.  The so called “nature of obesity” has been shown to be caused by so many things, but nothing amounts to the Mc Donalds “Big Mac”.  Fast food is so easy, affordable, and fast that it has become the go to for all families at times.  The chains have truly become a huge part of the economy, a source for jobs, and simply a fast dinner for anyone in need.  But the biggest affect has been on the people.  Particularly teens and young children have been affected.  Most of the blame that comes with the increase in childhood obesity is directed towards advertising.  Fast food restaurants are constantly coming up with new ideas to draw young people in with their kids meals and toys.   “In regarding childhood obesity pre-eminently as a social construction, then, my intention is to underscore the particular currency childhood obesity has in contemporary culture as an indicator of “altered patterns of life” (Lofink and Ulijaszek 338) and to ask how truth claims regarding childhood obesity have shaped the meaning of this “menace.””

People are still asking “Is there truly an obesity crisis?”  If this question is still continually being asked, it truly shows how overlooked this epidemic truly is.  There are so many researchers and facts showing how big of a problem this is becoming.  “While the OECD Obesity Update 2012, for example, shows stabilization in obesity growth in some developed nations with growth rates not meeting projections, a reason for Gard suggesting it has ended, the overall global trend is still up with no sign of retrenchment, particularly now in developing and even under-developed nations.”   This word wide issue isn’t being taken seriously, and if not handled soon, the path of this dangerous addiction and necessity will continue to get worse.  What can we all do to help?


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March 7, 2017 6:32 pm

I really like this article because I have thought for a while that our country has a growing problem in obesity due to the overwhelming accessibility of fast food. A part I found very intriguing is towards the begining when you also stated the benefits from the fast food chains, instead of solely stating the downsides, such as a source of jobs for many and affordable food for families in poverty. I found it interesting to see the alternate side to this debate because it’s very true that fast food chains provide an astounding number of jobs to those in need, but what I think is that overall, the negatives outweigh the negatives and I think that is what you are getting at too. I really liked this, good job!

March 6, 2017 6:01 pm

I for one am a huge lover of fast food. Its easy to get and usually pretty cheap. I feel like that’s the reason why the fast food epidemic is on the rise, its easy and cheap. I’m a pretty active person so burning off those calories and fat is easy. Fast food is a trap for those that don’t exercise or don’t have the time to. I’m not for getting rid of fast food but people do need to be educated about how harmful it can really be.

March 6, 2017 12:38 am

I definitely understand this. I go out to eat way more than I should and its not because I cant find any food in my house. I think the main reason more and more people are going out too eat is because they are lazy. You are totally right about the child obesity being a problem and I think people need too stop going out to eat or put a limit on how much to spend when they go out.

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