Fast Fashion by Araceli

December 1, 2021


Fast Fashion

In the article, “The Price of Fast Fashion” (Upfront) Chelsey Christina felt pressured to look stylish and never wanted to post herself wearing the same outfit.  The daily barrage has many teens continually hunting for deals on the trendy looks that pop up on their feeds. Fashion companies have become very successful by selling to this market. They produce clothing quickly and sell it at cheap prices that can fit in young people’s budgets. But this ¨trend¨ known as ultra-fast fashion isn´t without its costs. Some consumers may not consider how the workers who make the clothing are treated.

I think some people do not realize the things that go on behind fast fashion. It must be horrible for anyone to work in the circumstances these children/adults get put in to make little money. Not only are they being put through this but children who start working in these jobs as soon as they can walk die at a very young age like at 8 years old. Of course, this is only allowed in certain places of the world but buying from these companies is like showing support, and ignoring the fact that literal children are making these clothes. I believe that there should be an age limit for these jobs and also better treatment for workers in these fast fashion companies. 

What do you think should be done to make changes in fast fashion?