In today’s society there is a huge stigma around pornography. From a young age we are exposed to these media due to the fact that they are easily accessible, and everywhere. New statistics show that children are being exposed to pornography as young as eight years old. Pornography has a huge affect on the developing brain, and can cause serious problems. Not only is this a threat facing current and future generations, it is one that is almost impossible to deal with. It is so widespread in modern society, that it is almost like smoking in the 50’s. Everyone does it, so why don’t I?

Porn has serious effects on the dopamine receptors in your brain. Dopamine is a highly addictive chemical released by your body. It is meant to be delivered after we do something our body considers to be good, so it rewards us with a small amount of dopamine. When a person watches porn there dopamine spikes. This sounds fine on paper, but as you keep watching porn your body will release less and less dopamine. Your dopamine receptors become over stimulated causing some people to drop into states of depression. This is only one of the side effects of frequent porn use.

Pornography is also detrimental in that it teaches young men to objectify women. It’s not a secret that the porn industry runs rampant with drugs, and other stimulants. It is often questionable as to the level of consent porn actors have over the things that happen to them. A counter to this is that the actors get paid, and it’s a career. However, it is more important that we examine why women are pushed into porn acting in the first place. Often times people are put in a position where pornography seems like there only option, and thats a another big problem. Pornography affects the way developing men and women see their counterparts. It is a tremendous problem that plagues our society, and it’s up to us to deal with it. 

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December 12, 2019 3:34 pm

Hey Strom, thank you for providing us with information about the dangers of pornography and fapping. I found an article that also gives more information about this topic. ( It was interesting how you talked about dopamine and how each time your body will release less dopamine as you watch porn.

December 11, 2019 6:22 am

Hey Strom, I really enjoyed reading this article on the dangers of pornography. Here is an article linked with more information of the dangers of pornography. ( )
I liked how you discussed the addictive properties that porn can have, and how it can effect the brain from a young age, but carry scars with them their entire lives.

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