Once every week, the family gets together to make tamales for the store my grandmother left for us and that always keeps us together through good and hard times of our life.

The days we aren’t making tamales are the days that we work or have school, especially for the young ones of the family like me, if you’re wondering who I am.


if you look in the drawing, by the table there, I’m the one in a blue shirt. Next to my mom and uncle making tamales while my  dad is by the door taking care of my little sister, my cousin Fernando is the mostly lazy when it comes to helping and some or most times he takes the tamales that don’t look that good to sell in are store I think you can guess that he’s the one thats eating that tamal in the drawing with the green and yellow dots shirt, he’s not the most problematic one of the family but he’s smaller sister is and even though she my look like a little angel she is not here name is Mariana , there was this one time I caught her stealing tamales from the store and lie to me about the tamales needing to be cheek and that Lupita needed to see what was wrong with them but that wasn’t true she took the tamales to her room and eat most of them and true out the other ones and trust me she didn’t get away with it. Mariana is the one with the orange shirt on the drawing and Lupita is the one with the purple shirt and white and blue dots dress with orange sucks like if  that even matches but I don’t talk to her that much cause all she ever talks about with me is about her secret boyfriend that nobody knows about but don’t tell her I told you that or she’ll kill me. Next to Lupita there is my tia/aunt milagros and her husband Federico who is my tio/uncle. He works with cars which I think is really cool and he takes me sometimes and I help him out and he thought me how to fix a car engine, he’s the one  in all blue in the drawing my tia/aunt. She has a hair salon but I don’t like going there. It stinks like mad hair products mix together. She is the one with a red dress and white dots next to my tio/uncle. My grandmother sister she is setting all the way of the front of the table on her blue dress with white dots, her name is rosa she the one that keeps everyone in other when it moce to teaching how to make or start the recipe for the tamales which everyone loves, especially my tio/uncle carlos that enjoys this tradition more than anyone  and his wife that setting across the table from him, her name is Linda which means pretty in english but i don’t see it, my tio/uncle is the one with the red and orange shirt with green stripes

And his wife Linda is the one with the red dress and orange leaves, and last but not list is there daughter whose name is Rosalinda (the idea for the name came from my uncle by mixing my grandmother sisters name with his wife name) she not that good at following directions and always tries to fix what she does wrong most of the time and that were the bad tamales come from and Fernando keeps eating them she the one with a dark red dress with birds in it. And that the story of this family and the business that has been ours for generations and the tradition of bringing us together to make tamales.  Every week is great I truly enjoy it and so do everyone else in this family but the drawing is not complete there were people missing but it is what it is.

Where are my manners?  My name is Jose, and I’m 11 years old and this was the story of the  best family business I’ve been part of and the only one I’m truly part of.

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