Exploring the Relationships of Oral Presentation by Mariah

April 26, 2017


Exploring the Relationships of Oral Presentation

The first video I watched was called TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking (https://nowcomment.com/documents/76698) and the second video I watched was called Good and Bad examples of Oral Presentation (https://nowcomment.com/documents/76695). For the first video, Anderson wanted the viewers to understand that public speakers are trying to have their audience see what they are speaking, and get the connections together so that they are thinking of the same thing. I wrote that many people have different views on certain subjects or topics, and these speakers are trying to get the viewers to see their point of view in that subject that they wouldn’t have thought about at first. For the second video, I was able to understand that you shouldn’t look at the slides or read off the pages when you present to someone. You should wear formal clothes and give a good aura towards your audience so that you could give a good expression to what you are trying to present. When it comes to oral presentations, I’m fairly good when it comes to big crowds. I’m mostly scared of the Q&A’s and how I present with my body language since I might move weirdly or saying something wrong. These videos helped me somewhat see what is good and bad when it comes to presenting in presentations, so I feel a bit more confident when I do one in the future.