Discover how literature has dominated and explored the social landscape of inequality and uncover how it still affects us today.

Thinking and Reacting

While watching the 1619 project episodes, I had a series of emotions and reactions because of the reality of society as we know it to be in our present day. I mainly felt connected to seeing victims of police brutality and feeling support from people through social media because of how connected we can be online nowadays. I also notice how people always have mixed emotions about how we react in certain situations–using phones to record as first nature–that may jeopardize someone’s safety. I understand the controversy however, we need to single out the antagonists and get people’s stories out somehow someway and that is usually through a sort of social media platform.

Progress of Power

Many ideas and ideologies of power still stand in the way of progress in society for minorities with an emphasis on people of color who tend to experience the cycle of people of higher authority abusing their power on a repeating loop through centuries. We can disrupt these tactics through subtle resistance, not only can subtle resistance be seen as educating yourself on your rights to better prepare yourself for abrupt experiences but it also uses unity as a way to resist and rise above the harsh ideologies of power in our aching reality.

“The Statistic”

In 2023 and we are still living with a legacy of centuries of miscegenations in the United States. The history of miscegenation has contributed to the racial disparities that continue to exist in the United States today. These disparities can be seen in areas such as income, education, health, and housing. For example, African Americans are more likely to live in poverty, have lower levels of educational attainment, and experience poorer health outcomes compared to white Americans.

Women For Women

Women have come together in groups to resist body domination. For example, during the suffrage movement, women protested and rallied for the right to vote. Women have also fought for control over their reproductive rights. This includes advocating for access to birth control, abortion, and medical care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. 

America: The Enemy of a Black Man

Fear has been weaponized against Black men and opposing thoughts of gender in various ways, and the impacts of this are still felt today. The weaponization of fear against Black men and opposing thoughts of gender is a complex issue that requires systemic change and dismantling of oppressive systems. As well as the fear and trauma experienced by Black men and their communities have been passed down through generations, creating a cycle of fear and mistrust that can be difficult to break.

Point of View From a Poem To You

By using these techniques and elements, poets can use poetry as a powerful way to communicate a point of view and connect with their audience on an emotional and intellectual level. Authors and speakers use metaphors and imagery to create vivid and powerful images that convey their message. They use these literary devices to compare or contrast two things in order to make a point.

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March 22, 2023 4:09 pm

I love this reading, especially when you talk about the progress of power, that was my favorite section. What’s something you wished the 1619 project touched more on?

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