The first video that I watched is called TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking (“TED’s secret to great public speaking”) and the second video I watched is called Good and Bad examples of Oral Presentation (Good and Bad Examples of Presentation). What Anderson wants the viewers to understand about great public skills is that the key to make people think about what you are saying, is to plant a seed in their mind about the idea you want to spread. Some of the annotations that I made mentioned that ideas are linked with reality, meaning that the ideas/ thoughts made by people among us, or around the world can connect back to reality. What I understood about good and bad presentation practices from the second video was that I can relate to some and that the small observations matter because that will determine the good/bad of a presentation. For example, I have strength in presenting visual images/ graphs, etc in the presentation itself. But a bad example presentation practice that I was familiar with was having bad body language. I learned that in order to have very good presentation skills, one would need to first, dress appropriately, have a positive attitude that would bring in good vibes, have short notes that you know of on top of your head, and have the presentation organized with relevant images and short text slides. Also, being aware of these little observations, such as body language, voice level, outfits, slides, etc are all  significant in having an efficient presentation that captures the audience’s eye and mind.

The thought about speaking and presenting in front of people makes me feel nervous, yet determined because I have set a goal to grab my audience’s attention. I feel nervous because I lack experience of being in front of many people and talking to them about a certain topic, but then I also feel determined because I know I have to get out of my comfort zone to project an idea. A past experience I had with public speaking was having to present in front of my senior class a theory of change poster. It was a bad experience because I presented too quick. My problem was that I read through the poster in less than 3 minutes and didn’t elaborate on the context of my topic. In the future, I know to slow down, and present for a smooth presentation, while also making my audience feel hooked to what I say.

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