Everything Electric by Selena

May 8, 2021


Everything Electric

I have read this post about the evolving technology of cars.

Today, there is a driverless car, that has many features people enjoy. I think that the main spotlight is not having to put gas. It is just simply plugging it into “charge” your car. There are many things today that have developed into being electric and not self-done. I think that technology is a big part of society today.

To answer the question, “Do you think driverless cars would be dangerous?” I think that it can be a positive way of change for the environment. Less gas to be used, less emission of greenhouses, etc. My one main concern is the quality of the car and the way of navigating the car where ever you go.

What’s the next big thing that can be electric?

How can we change the world to something bigger and better?