The combination of ethanol with petroleum gasoline has caused it to be a less efficient fuel and also worse for the environment. Because of the recent developments in environmentalism and also a growing realization that global warming exists and will continue to grow unless we make a change many companies and consumers want to move to a cleaner alternative than petroleum products. The problem is many people blindly accept ethanol because it is said to be cleaner and it is not a fossil fuel. Doing more research and becoming an educated consumer on alternatives to fossil fuels can help make effective changes to help the environment and continue producing an efficient fuel.

Ethanol was added to gasoline with the intention to burn cleaner and also to produce pollution to the environment. In an article from The Greenhaven Press it is addressed that in order to produce the mandated amount of ethanol for gasoline enough corn to feed three people is being used. This is a waste of resources. as also it can take up to five gallons of water to produce a single gallon of ethanol. These are resources easily needed in everyday life. Also it usually goes unstated that petroleum products are required in the production of ethanol. In another article from the New American it discusses how this use of corn and other natural resources is driving the prices of food up. This in the end cost the consumer much more than fossil fuels were. Fossil fuels did not affect food prices and food is something there will always be a high demand for.

In an article from The New American because ethanol is so heavily subsidized by the federal government the price of corn is being constantly driven up. In June 2012, the EPA mandated that gasoline must be blended with fifteen percent ethanol. This was eye opening for many people as many auto companies announced they would not be able to uphold their warranty because of the damage ethanol causes in car motors.

Another article found in the Alternative Energy Sources discusses this same issue that by allowing companies to have tax credits for using fuel with ethanol more problems occur mainly because an inferior fuel is being praised solely on the fact that it is not classified as a fossil fuel. Little is known about the actual benefits of the fuel. Using ethanol in gasoline has increased the price, and this is noticeable not only when paying at the pumps, but also when looking back at what mileage your car got.

In another article titled “Corn Ethanol is a Disaster”  the issue of a water shortage is brought up. When ethanol is produced many gallons of water are being put to waste to produce a single gallon of ethanol. This is not an effective way to use the limited resources we have. The production of ethanol is also negatively affecting many countries, especially third world countries, as many trees and forest must be destroyed in order to make room to grow the corn.

Ethanol also has many negative impacts on car engines. According to Popular Mechanics ethanol is causing water to get into gas tanks ruining cars. There is also the issue that if ethanol sits long enough it becomes an alcohol which can eat away at many plastic parts.

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