Esmeralda Ortiz-Munoz


It was July 4th, of 2016

Enjoying the fireworks with my family before leaving


Where the stars shined their brightness over us like every night

But this night was different,

They were shining more brighter than any other night


The time finally got here,

going to Mexico to meet my parents family

For the first time

What exciting,



I was sad to leave my family for a whole month

Wishing I could put them in my luggages and take them with me


I hugged everyone and that was it.


“Flight to Guadalajara, Mexico is going to start boarding.”

It was 10:30 pm when the airplane started to fly

I remember being really scared because it was my first time flying


We got to Guadalajara

Everything good,

our taxi got there and then we were off to my grandmas house


I never expected for the family in Mexico to see me and my brother any different

I was actually EXCITED to finally meet them but that excitement turned into a



I meet one of my tias, from my dads side, and it was awful

She started saying all these stuff about my family and us

That I won’t bother repeating


She would get mad and annoyed when me and my bro will speak english

Like what?

What does she expect?

We talk english all the time over here

It’s part of us


I could feel my blood boiling with anger

So annoying


We didn’t feel welcomed by her

Instead of being excited cus we finally meet,

A totally different thing of what we expected


Since then, I don’t like her,

The love that I was bringing towards her

All vanished the moment I meet her


It’s hard to recognize her as my Tia

Because she didn’t act like one.


Now, till this day I haven’t gone back

and I don’t know if I would ever go back to see her again


Unlike my Tia,

my grandparents were awesome

I loved Mexico,

I love the feeling that Mexico has

A totally different environment


Everyone except my Tia made us feel like we were at home,

Made us feel welcomed


But… what I got from this trip.

Or should say.. what I lost in this trip,

Was a TIA.

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March 8, 2018 7:05 pm

Dear Esme,

I liked your poem because at first it was all joy and excitement. I liked how you showed that not everything is always positive and results in the way we would of wanted to. I can relate to you in having a negative relationship with my dad’s family. Unlike you, loosing one tia, I lost the whole family including uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. We shouldn’t let that bother us like you mentioned because they’re far from us and if we never lived with them, then there wasn’t really a close relationship that got destroyed.

Thanks for writing!

March 8, 2018 7:05 pm

Hey Esme,
I really enjoyed this memoir poem that you created about a trip you took. I’m truly sorry and sad that you had to go through with such an amazing time, but then it was somehow made bad, because of one person and their actions towards you. Sometimes people have a strong effect on the world around us. I am however glad that you chose to be an optimistic person and went through with your trip anyway. It’s good to go through with many things optimistic, because pessimism can bring you down, and ruin more than it needs to.
I also hope you do get a chance to go back to mexico! It’s so beautiful there. No one person should have that much affect on you and if you see them, don’t let them get to you. Be the bigger person and live on with the way you want to!

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