My group and I are learning that people are not getting equal pay because of the gender of the person. We are finding out the the history of why there is not equal pay. We found out the women get paid around 20% less than men do for the same jobs. Women would have to work 3 more months to make the same amount of money a year as men. Women make .77$ for every dollar that men make. 23 cents does not sound like a lot. But after a while that starts to add up. Then that becomes a problem with paying for mortgage on a house or even paying for food on the table. That .23 cents is for white women. But for other races like blacks or Hispanic the number goes to .35 cents for every dollar that a man makes. There is also a problem with getting paid less for being a minority .There is a lot of problems with that. Just because you are a women you get paid less. You work the same amount of time and work the same job. But still get paid less. The companies say they pay the women less because they have to take a lot of time off from other activities. Like taking time off for having a child, looking after a sick child, or leaving for vacation time. But that should not impact other women from getting paid less or even getting the job. This is a really important problem in America right now. Women should not be getting paid less just because they are women. We should treat and respect everyone the same even if they are a different race or sex. It shouldn’t matter if someone is black, white, Asian, man or woman everyone should earn the same amount of money.





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