Empathy plays a role in everyone’s life. Empathy plays a role in people’s behavior. An example of this would be how COVID is being viewed. People do not have as much empathy for others during this crisis. Having empathy for someone means being able to understand how that person is feeling. I feel that empathy is not as prominent in society. People are disregarding other people’s feelings and beliefs because of their own. People aren’t understanding where others are coming from.

Many articles explain how empathy is affecting COVID. A piece of evidence is “We’re smart enough and good enough at heart to help one another out”(Aldi). This quote is about how some people care about how others are doing and that they understand where they are coming from. This relates to empathy because we have to care for each other and we have to imagine how another’s life is from their point of view.

Another piece of evidence is that “They’ve spent their lives doing other things that are important to do. But they may not be familiar enough with the idea that the view of nature changes as science moves on”(Aldi). This quote references how people are caring about others and have more of an open mind.

Empathy plays an important part in people’s lives. When we care about others and understand what they are going through we become more mindful to their surroundings and help adapt to their needs. A piece of evidence from this article discusses how one should have empathy towards others. The article explains how having empathy for one another during this time can bring us together and help us overcome this crisis (Cherry).

If one is empathetic to someone it is easier to become close to that person and have a better relationship with them. Having empathy affects people’s behavior throughout this crisis. 

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  1. Claire 3 months ago

    Grace, I really liked your blog post. I actually did my topic of empathy on Covid as well. I like how you discussed that empathy can play a big role on an individual’s behavior. I find it interesting that by showing empathy towards other individuals allows us to become more mindful and build a closer relationship with them. I feel that you covered this topic thoroughly and discussed all of the necessary topics that should have been covered.

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