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A single story can impact how empathy plays a role in identity in many ways. Empathy can play a big role in a person’s identity because it allows individuals to put themselves in another’s shoes and experience their situation. Forbes.com states, “Empathy in action is understanding a colleague’s struggles and offering to help”. Doing this can strengthen both of the individual’s relationships by understanding the other person’s point of view. According to Forbes, “We all crave connectedness and it seems our brains are hard-wired to mirror other’s experiences”. Whenever it is difficult to understand another person’s reactions, decisions, or behavior, it is important to use empathy to make the situation more transcending. 

A single story is crucially important to people who are only judged on certain interactions in life. It is important to realize that people can not be labeled and looked at from a single perspective. This can create an unhealthy stereotype of the individual that may not be accurate. Facinghistory.com has made known that, “Adichi’s speech provides a framework for discussing stereotypes, prejuduce, and discrimination with your students.” The idea of stereotypes are dangerously effective, as they can negatively impact an individual’s life. As empathy can be a good thing, it is important to realize that stereotyping is something to shy away from. 

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