I am a senior at Judge Memorial. I was involved in sports from the advent of my high school career. Later on, I joined the environmental and interact club. I even participated in local and international service outside of school. And though I never joined any groups, I was always interested in photography. My mother is a personal photographer. Though she mainly took photos and videos for her pleasure expanded towards creating movies, sideshows, and prints for family and friends on special occasions. I just recently produced a film for my high school tennis banquet. She encouraged me to join the introduction to photography course at school. I was eager to learn more about photos. After the session, I enrolled in New Media.

So far, I love the course. Journalism has taught me how to apply my experience using cameras for telling a story. I never considered myself good at writing, nor do I find myself skilled in film, but I think journalism could allow me to exercise my creativity in new and exciting ways. And while I am still learning the tricks of the trade and as I watch my peers work, I have noticed that diverse skills, ideas, and perspectives are all crucial in producing quality work in journalism.

Immediately after I had filmed my first interview, I turned to one of my classmates and exclaimed, “I want to interview the whole school now.”

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Mariely Padilla
January 8, 2020 2:47 pm

Hi Emma,

I’m interested in your story due to the fact that I also relate to it in many ways.

I never considered myself a writer either, but as time went by I realized there’s so much I had to express, so I started writing and pouring my heart out and it has become my creative outlet to express myself and connect more with others. Writing has become like my journal, a space to express myself.

Additionally, film its also a space for me to express myself. Film has a very special place in my heart I connect with it in so many ways and when I decide to do film. One day I want to be able to connect with others and display messages that I would like to put out there. Film is like giving a piece of your heart to the public in hopes for them to get the message and relate to it in their perspective. Many won’t understand but what matters is that we do.

I look forward to more of your writing .

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