Emily:) by Emily

April 15, 2019



There are few things you should know about me. My name is Emily Rodriguez, I am a child of a half-Cuban-half-Dominican mother and a Dominican father. Both my parents were born America, but my moms mom was born in Santiago de Cuba. My mom’s dad was born in LaVaga Dominican Republic . My dads mom and dad were born in Jayabo, Dominican Republic. My mother and father met in New York city in high school. They had the same cultural expectation, but were in different grades. I was born in New York  presbyterian allen hospital in 2004. My parents were living in a ninth floor apartment with my dad’s mother. When 1 year old my parent broke up, but i still visited my father and my mom took me to live with her in a two bedroom apartment uptown. My mom was and still is a single parent who also spent time with me. I started visiting my dad at age 8.Me and my dad don’t really have a close bond. To be honest i’m not really close to my dad.

 My whole life i went to public school near my neighborhood, which was Washington Height. I went to P.S.189 for kindergarten through 4th grade. For middle school i went to MS322, and for right now i go to Harvest Collegiate High School. I love to play basketball. In my old school i was in a basketball team for 3 years. I stopped playing ball in my freshmen year and start focusing on my future. I joined the after school program model UN. I think high school is the part of your life where you have to realize your growing up and reality hits you to show you that your a soon to be adult. I want to focus on becoming someone and join and do stuff that benefits my future in a good way.

As a young women there a lot of things that people say or do to judge us or discriminate us. Women are taken and seen as a joke in some eyes, mostly Men. But i’m here to change that, i’m here to try to change the word and make women be taken seriously. To stop people from saying “ you play like a girl, or  you should go to girls team”. To stop people from believing stereotypes making it look like a women are supposed to stay at home and cook clean and just do that.As women we are worth more and the world is gonna see that.