Hospital Workers in Particular
Hospital workers go through thick and thin working. 
They are the only people I know  work day and night, 24/7. 
I praise hospital workers because they are strong human beings. 
They may work 20 hours straight 
and still have the ability to come back and do it again the next day. 
These people go through struggles working, 
a small break down because they don’t get enough 
time to rest or just can’t take it anymore but they still do what they do. 
I used to tell myself that 
I wanted to be a doctor
 because I wanted to be able to do everyone’s job 
so they can get a good break but 
as I got older I realized I can’t do that. 
As of the year 2020, hospital workers have 
been putting their lives on the line 
to save patients that contain or may contain “Covid-19” also known as “Coronavirus”. 
They put themselves at risk 
because they care about the people of their community.
 It takes a lot of courage to be a medical worker. 
Courage is what puts these people 
in the hospital room to work with a patient. 
This is why medical workers are amazing 
and I genuinely appreciate them 
for their work or efforts 
to keep the humankind living.

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September 24, 2021 5:35 pm

I thought this was super meaningful. Healthcare workers have been taking on unimaginable burdens, especially with the death and destruction COVID has caused. I really liked how you said, “Courage is what puts these people in the habitual room to work with a patient.” I also want to be a doctor, and I think that this poem is incredibly moving, and describes the struggles that healthcare workers face every day.

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