Electric Cars, Are They Safe?

Electric cars are evolving and most of them are self drivable, but there’s a question that many people might have. Are they safe? Many people think that Electric cars are safe and helpful for the environment and others might say that the “new” technology might malfunction since its too much for a car. Electric cars are powered by a battery pack stored in the car which then powers an electric motor causing the car to move or be drivable.  Each year, everyday there’s always a car accident, the cars involved are mostly powered by gas and half of those cars are electric. Based on the research it is clear that electric cars could be safe but might still need some work on the technology, it’s a little bit too early to start making new products that involve ¨new¨ technology. Electric cars still have some work needed but they can be helpful for the environment.


Electric cars are starting to evolve and technology is changing and impacting everyone’s life even more each day. Many people keep  questioning if electric cars are safe, in articles people keep talking about the car’s battery and how flammable it is. For example, In the article “Are electric cars more likely to catch fire?” is stating that electric cars Are safe because the only way the battery can be damaged is if there is any physical damage or damage in the wiring, CNN wrote, “There have been some other high profile fire problems involving lithium ion batteries in other uses – in cell phones, in laptops and even in Boeing (BA) passenger jets. But so far the fires involving electric vehicles have been caused by some kind of crash or other damage to the battery while driving” (CNN). Although this might be true it still doesn’t prove the point about the technology malfunctioning and self drivable cars crashing. Additionally,  they also explained that it would take longer for a lithium ion battery to catch on fire than a car powered by gasoline which would burn and explode rapidly. An electric car would notify the driver if there’s anything wrong unlike a car powered by gasoline, the driver wouldn’t really know if there’s anything wrong with their car because their car can’t detect problems like an electric car. In an interview, with Oscar Valentin, who works as a mechanic, Valentin stated, “Electric cars are new and many people want to buy one, the risk that many people could face is the car malfunctioning or catching on fire. If someone overcharges their car they could damage their battery and if they dont fix it or get a new battery their car has a higher chance of catching on fire at high speeds” (Valentin). Oscar Valentin thinks at the moment electric cars may need some work, and  he has worked on some electric cars like the Tesla model S and the model X. Whenever he fixes cars like these there’s mostly a problem with the battery or the wiring, Valentin explained that the battery is damaged when it is overcharged multiple times and goes at high speeds, overall another way the battery can be damaged is if it’s involved in a collision but it’ll take some time for the battery to catch on fire.

Though there are concerns electric cars can be good for the environment. For example, electrical cars are powered by batteries and don’t rely on gasoline which makes a great impact on the community and the environment. The Technology for an electric car is still being tested today and won’t be ready for another couple of years but for now electric cars are making a helpful impact for the environment. The only issue with electric car batteries is disposing the battery because the batteries create an environmental hazard and spread more pollution in soil and water. In an article titled “Electric cars have benefits, but won’t save you money” by Dee-Ann Durbin. Dee-Ann Durbin states that, “some states and utilities offer incentives for electric vehicle owners. Plugging in an electric car is generally cheaper than filling up a gas powered one, but that depends on the local prices of gas and electricity. Some people can charge their electric cars at work, but others need to add a charging station to their garage” (Durbin). This quote was really interesting and stood out because not that many people have access to install a charger for their car in their garage (if they have one) not that many areas have a place to charge an electric car either. For example, in Oakland there aren’t that many spots where someone could charge their electric car and they might have to wait a while until their car is fully charged again. Since there aren’t that many areas to charge your electric vehicle it might be harder to get rid of the pollution in cities because not that much is being done to get rid of and others don’t really think about their health or safety. Overall, it would cost more to install a charger in your home or garage, there’s different prices for the charger that goes from $300 up to $2,000 which might make people say it’s a lot of money and not want to buy a charger, if this does happen it will be harder for them to find a spot where they can charge their car. In an interview with an Oakland mother who doesn’t really know about electric cars and might have a different opinion, Lidia balmaceda. They were asked  about her opinion on electric cars and if they would be helpful to the environment. She stated, “I didn’t really know about electric cars but car companies might be going a little bit too far with technology. Electric cars might not even be safe at all but they can be helpful to the environment since they won’t be relying on gasoline. A problem could be where can people charge their car because in different areas of the world there might not be a spot to charge your car until you get to a city” (Balmaceda). She didn’t really know too much about electric cars but right away she thought about a battery and does it have to be recharged. This is a huge issue because each year a car company is going to want to release an electric vehicle and if there aren’t that many charging stations around electric vehicles won’t be able to help the environment as much and more cars powered by gasoline will affect us all.

In conclusion, electric vehicles are helpful to the environment and harmful to the environment. This is true because electric cars could malfunction since its “new” technology but also electric cars can be helpful for the environment, electric cars won’t use gasoline but instead a battery. A battery can last up to at least 15 years which is even more helpful for the environment, the only issue with that is that when batteries are thrown away certain chemicals can be released from the battery than can affect water and soil. The main question is are electric cars safe? The answer so far is yes and no but it’s up to anyone to answer this question because everyone has a different opinion and we should honor their voice.


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In this interview I asked an Oakland mother about Electric cars. I interviewed them because they might not know too much about these vehicles and might have a different opinion. She also drives and owns a car so an electric car might bring something new.

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April 25, 2019 4:13 pm

Dear Owaldo,
I am impressed by your post, “Electric cars, are they safe?” because we need to be aware of things that may or may not harm the environment. And we need more information about the new technology, such as Electric cars, before we purchase them. But new technology is inevitable and we mustn’t be afraid.
One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was a quote you found from the CNN article, “There have been some other high-profile fire problems involving lithium ion batteries in other uses – in cell phones, in laptops and even in Boeing (BA) passenger jets. But so far the fires involving electric vehicles have been caused by some kind of crash or other damage to the battery while driving.” I thought this was interesting because when I think about whether or not an electric car is safe, I wasn’t about if the car would catch on fire, I had never thought about that. I have thought about the self-driving electric cars and how those cars couldn’t account for other drivers, and I think that is unsafe. But I really enjoyed how you brought to light the actual features of the car and what could be dangerous about it.
Another sentence that I thought was interesting was “The only issue with electric car batteries is disposing the battery because the batteries create an environmental hazard and spread more pollution in soil and water.” This stood out for me because again, I had never actually thought about the car parts and how they would impact the environment. I know that electric cars would help us use a lot of gas, but I did always think about how much electricity they actually use.
Thank you for writing this piece. I look forward to seeing what you write next because of how you had informed me, through this post, about other aspects of electric cars that need to be considered when determining if they are safe. This piece was very well written and informative.

Huitzilopochtli Marron
Huitzilopochtli Marron
February 13, 2019 2:32 am

What’s up Daniel? I enjoyed reading your article on the pros and cons of electric cars becoming a more cost and energy efficient form of transportation. I enjoyed that you added both the positives and negatives of the electric car and how it can affect individuals, cities and society as a whole. I’ve never really looked into buying an electrical car and I’m glad that you mentioned the reality that most places don’t have chargers for electrical cars and the cost of creating these chargers. I’m looking forward to reading more about the long term effects of choosing a electric car or maintaining cars that run on gasoline’s (effect on environment and cost).

January 18, 2019 6:50 pm

Dear Oswaldo

I was really interested in your post, “Electric Cars, Are they safe”, because on how you brought up the comparison to electric cars and gasoline powered cars, that gasoline powered cars are more likely to catch fire than an electric car. Also i agree that for the electric cars they are most likely to catch fire if the battery is damaged because it should have no reason to blow up if nothing has happened to it. One sentence that stands out to me was “it would take longer for a lithium ion battery to catch on fire than a car powered by gasoline which would burn and explode rapidly” i think that this is honestly true like i said because if you get into an accident with a gasoline powered car it can easily blow if it starts leaking gas but with an electric car if you get into an accident there is a slight chance it can catch fire that’s if the accident does not reach to the batteries. Thanks for your writing i look forward to seeing what you write next, because i agree with all you said towards electric cars yes they help for the environment but in some ways they dont from all the chemicals in the battery. So thank you for your post.


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