A Dominican family with 5 children lives tight and saves money by buying cheap food and cheap clothes.

They did this to send a remittance to their grandparents in Santo Domingo, a remittance is basically money for support, to negotiate their absence and mean having electricity, eating meat and surviving to the grandparents

The narrator of this story is one of the children of the family and the narrator is neighborhood as a Latino and a little bit dangerous.

In the summer the family went on vacation in their country with the van and when they returned to Jersey they realized that the front door of the house was open and things were lying around, the thieves stole a portable radio, video game stages and the mother’s consignment that I keep under the mattress, the mother thinks the son told information to this friend.

Everyone felt devastated by the robbery but the mother was the one who felt so bad because they stole the shipment for her grandparents, although the thieves took three hundred dollars but the mother acted like they took 10 million dollars.

Besides that, the son (narrator) also felt a little bad because they told their friends and they went to steal, and in the end the mother makes the children feel guilty by saying “it’s your fault.”

Because of this feeling the narrator takes revenge by climbing through the window of his second friend’s apartment and taking everything that was stolen from him.
The narrator returned to the house with the remittance and the mother simply looks at the money and the narrator and returned

The reason why the mother reacted like this was because she did not have faith that the money would return and even if the money had returned she would know well that this money does not solve anything, nor would it be enough to fill the void that caused the diaspora, the problems of immigration and the need of their relatives.

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is GlucoRelief fake
is GlucoRelief fake
February 22, 2024 3:45 pm

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