There are many things that social movements plays a huge effect on. They play huge roles on society in which we live and how we will live. Social movements have big impacts on the government and state laws, but social movements help with political views as well as understanding about our politics. Social movements is a group action, where individuals or organizations are focusing on political or social issues. They carry out, resist, or push for social change.

A good example of a strong social movement is the Civil Rights Movement. The movement has changed what life is like in American today, and has changed it for the better. Before the movement, many races were treated as inferior. Now because of that movement people of all races have the chance to succeed, and are treated fairly no matter the color of skin. Unfortunately, there are still small openings of racism in the United States, but because of the movement improved. There were laws that segregated schools, restaurants and almost every place that people publicly congregated. African American and many other races did not get the same education or opportunities as their Caucasian counterparts. As of today, people can get a college education, well paid job, go anywhere freely of their human right with the help of the civil rights movement regardless of the color of their skin.

Another good social movement that has changed politics was the Women’s Rights Movement. The Women’s Right Movement is a fight for the idea in which women should have equal rights with men. Over history, this has formed women gaining property rights, giving women the ability to vote, reproductive rights, the right for women to have equal pay, to be freed from sexual violence, to hold public office, and to have a education. Just like the Civil Rights Movement, this movement changed the way people thought, viewed, acted towards women. Not only did this change the constitution, but this changed women across the globe. Giving women a sense of comfort and strength to have that ability to attack the world for freedom to chase their dreams.

As you can tell with the two examples of the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement. You will be able to understand the social power that social movements have on our politics and the people that are involved within it. With the links I have attached are the articles of the movements with the stories behind them. You will be able to see the clear paths that led to changes within our society and politics wants or needs through movements. The ability to have protest or social movement to change the views of a country is very powerful. With social movements there may be some positive movements such as the Women’s Rights and the Civil rights movement. But there may also be some negative Social movements towards commodity. You cannot single out the positive social movements because negative social movements have changed politics just like the positive ones have.


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