Author: Nicole

Effects of Picking up Litter

My multimedia presentation is about the effects of litter on our environment and us in general. It also talks about the effects of if we all contributed in picking up litter.

I hope this video helps encourage all of you to start helping out and pick up litter. My video helps show how litter effects tourists and us in general. We are less likely to visit a place that is full with litter compared to a nice clean place. Also, if we all picked up some litter around the streets or on the beach, we are helping out the U.S. cut down on the cost of litter cleanup. The U.S. can use that extra money on other, more important, things like helping the homeless. Cleaning up litter also helps save the wildlife because many are dying from eating litter.

I chose to talk about litter because there is litter everywhere we go. Everyone always says “oh it’s just this one time” or ‘oh its just one gum wrapper”. But when everyone says that ALL THE TIME, the litter piles up. I want to bring awareness to this topic because i feel that people don’t know how bad it has become. I want everyone to help make a difference. I made this video to help inform people on all these topics and to help persuade others to pick up litter. I want all of you reading this right now to pick up any litter that you see anywhere or at least pick up 5 per day. I hope my video has encouraged you all to help make a difference in this world and pick up litter.

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May 16, 2019