The article I read talks about a variety of problems and solutions for the current American education system. It emphasizes community colleges especially, and talks about the role they play in closing the gap between K-12 education and 4-year education from a university. The article explains that higher educational institutions have to teach their students well enough so that they can be more prepared than the modern adult population in America because roles in society are becoming more competitive. One study that the article talks about shows that older adults are more educated than younger generations which shows that education is worsening rather than bettering.

A couple solutions to this issue are to understand the importance of community college, analyze the issues to develop better pedagogy, and to balance the funding for education in a proportional way. We have to invest more money in the faculty’s ability to innovate in the classroom. An example that shows how successful this may be is the LaGuardia Community College in New York. They graduated almost twice the national average of students even though the students had academic deficits. They did this by making time and money investments in providing professional developments such as technology innovations. However, it can also be difficult to obtain the grant funding to make such advancements, but if we focus on giving more money to students who need the highest level of support then we can balance out the budget in a better way. We also have to work on better spending of money we already have for education and fight for more money at the same time.

Another problem mentioned in the article is the way in which we evaluate college success. It is important to find a new way to measure students outcomes because it will have a positive impact. Community colleges especially need a better way to measure students success because they welcome everyone and are working with students with a mix of intellectual and social skills. A way to fix this is to measure success by evaluating how well the student does in the community and evaluating how prepared they are to be adults.

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April 8, 2019 2:28 am

I like this topic Yulisa. Community collages are great that I feel they do not receive the attention that they deserve. I’m glad this is being talked about now, so that more schools can have graduation rates like the LaGuardia Community College did.

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