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In our society today, school reform is a significant factor. Its key aim is to improve and, thus, strengthen public education in terms of educational theory and reality. The reform of education centers on the performance of student achievement and progress. It produces a greater effectiveness of the program, career advancement and better expectations of the state.

In addition, education reform needs to be applied more in the United States since a CBS report found that “on average, only 37 percent of the school curriculum is used in everyday life, and that the rest of the information is forgotten and never used” (“Americans Use Just 37 Percent of Information Learned In School, Survey Finds”). In addition, education reform needs to be applied more in the United States.Another separate research drawn from a lifetime teacher, Professor David Perkins, claimed that he assumed on average that 90% of what they teach their students could never be included in their lives and they are wasting their time (“Americans Use Only 37 Percent Of Information Learned In School, Survey Finds”). Therefore, there is a need for subjects that promote a spirit of creativity and contribute to new concepts.

We need to introduce a modern way of studying and thought, called STEM learning, because of these findings. STEM is a software that reflects scientific, engineering, technology, and mathematics. In the ongoing development and prosperity of the U.S. economy, workers in these sectors play a vital role and are a crucial factor in helping the U.S. win the future. STEM education develops critical thinkers, enhances the knowledge of science, and makes the next generation of innovators (Perkins). It is a modern way of thought and studying that would be more common in the United States. Overall, learning STEM facilitates comprehension, adaptation, and teaches problem solving.




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