In the article, “Bills Targeting Classroom Talk on Race and Gender Identity Balloon This Year”(Pendharkar 2022) I learned that this topic has been on the rise and has affected not only students but those teaching them as well. In 2022 alone there have been 137 proposed bills that restrict classroom talk about race, gender identity, and sexual orientation but only 7 of those actually passed. This has affected students significantly by blocking out the minority groups they align with and seeing them being censored in class. Teachers are now in fear at the thought of losing their jobs due to these topics being taught and some even remove them from their lessons to remove the risk of consequences against them.

I believe these topics should not be censored in classrooms. However, they should only be introduced in grades 10th-12th since maturity level is higher and allows for better discussions. These teachers shouldn’t have to feel scared to approach these topics as they have a right to teach them. Also, students that identity with these groups should be able to express themselves and not be ashamed for who they are.

As I continue to learn about the Education Policy, I want to know more about what states have passed these laws and the justification for them.

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October 20, 2023 3:16 pm

I completely agree with your opinion. There needs to be open discussions in the classroom, amongst students and their peers. It pushes for awareness, widened perspectives, and encourages open perspectives. Understanding where the people around you are coming from, and being able to have a conversation with someone of an opposing view in order to become fully educated. Many people nowadays are set firm on their opinions, and don’t care to become educated on opposing views. Classroom discussions on these controversial subjects only betters students views in mature conversations.

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