This source is on the history between Hans Hoffman and Berkley, which allows for art to have a home on the Berkley Campus. This just highlights how abstract art has made many accomplishments, allowing for other forms of art to succeed and continue to be preserved. Also, abstract art has increased the relevance of art once more, which is something that can universally be seen as something good.

This article highlights what I really like about art, which is math. A lot of the time, how pretty art is can be defined mathematically. People will rate their enjoyment and it will be averaged out, we will draw curves on the art and check to see if the work follows a golden ratio that was determined mathematically and so on. That is what I really love about this article, because it really shows how art can be seen in a mathematical context.

This is the typical essay from someone who dislikes abstract art, but I think that it has a good point. It isn’t the art itself as much as the people who enjoy the work who make people dislike abstract art. I also like how cynical the title is and how he throws his wife under the bus. She got it wrong in saying that she likes abstract paintings that are like Monet’s because Monet made Impressionist paintings. This is a fairly big difference because the whole goal of impressionism is to give you the feeling of the space while giving you a picture of the area and abstract art is there to let you find what you want to in the painting. The title and some of the phrasing of this article implies that one has to be taught to like abstract art and/or people are just taught what to say in private schools, but saying that you like abstract art like Monet’s is something that wouldn’t be taught to say at a private school because it is wrong.

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