This interests me because I love the snow, but I am way too scared to drive in the snow. This is going to be my first winter with a car, and I am absolutely terrified by the thought of driving in the snow. Yes, the snow is pretty, and a part of me believes that it is magic, it is also very dangerous. If it snows like it did last year, then I don’t know how much I’ll be driving. According to the National Weather Service, with how much it’s already snowed, it can be predicted that there will be high snow levels throughout this winter. In past years, the average snowfall in December in Salt Lake City alone falls between a foot to a foot and half. That excludes crazy snow storms or surprise white outs. Last year in Salt Lake City, we had up to 22.8 inches of snow, which was the most snow we’ve seen since winter in 2007. Not only is snow scary to drive in, but the icy conditions it creates causes dangerous roads with hesitant drivers. This leads to higher amounts of car accidents. Not just accidents, but drivers get easily irritated and dangerous. Everyone could be going the same speed, yet one person gets rushed and swerves in and out of lanes, or tailgating, or a million other situations that occur daily, occurring when there is ice on the road. This leads to drivers losing control, usually taking other cars with them.

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December 12, 2023 5:11 pm

Dear Riley,
Your post made me think that driving is the snow is really dangerous due to being a lot of accident in the snow. Another thing about this is that Utah had about a lot of snow and its scared how there was a lot of dangerous there is a lot of situation that occurs many people losing control of there car while driving. Something that I wonder about your post is that in Utah is it still dangerous and a lot of car accident due to the snow that there is in Salt Lake City.

Amber Rosas

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