Driverless Cars? by Fernando HM

April 12, 2022


Driverless Cars?

Amitai Bin-Nun favors the idea of driverless cars being a good idea in the essay “Are Driverless Cars A Good Idea,” whereas Ashley Nunes opposes it. According to Bin-Nun, self-driving cars will benefit the environment by reducing traffic congestion, driving more efficiently, and lowering pollutants. Persons who are disabled or older people who are unable to drive safely may benefit from self-driving automobiles. Others who do not know how to drive may benefit from it as well. Bin-Nun claims that it can make roads safer, claiming that more than 36,500 people died on them in 2018. Nunes opposes the concept of self-driving automobiles because machines are imperfect and have weaknesses. They, like people, are capable of making mistakes.She detailed how a 40-year-old man was murdered by a self-driving car after colliding with a truck. She argues that we should not put our reliance in our automobiles to drive themselves throughout our lives.

Do you believe that self-driving cars will become a reality?

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I believe that having a driverless automobile would be beneficial since I am familiar with numerous scenarios where individuals are driving home late at night and become weary, and they can sleep behind the wheel. It has the potential to make roadways safer and prevent accidents. However, I am aware that machines are flawed and that we should not rely on them for control. I believe that driverless cars are a fantastic concept if they can develop automobiles that are safe and make no mistakes.