Amitai Bin-Nun favors the idea of driverless cars being a good idea in the essay “Are Driverless Cars A Good Idea,” whereas Ashley Nunes opposes it. According to Bin-Nun, self-driving cars will benefit the environment by reducing traffic congestion, driving more efficiently, and lowering pollutants. Persons who are disabled or older people who are unable to drive safely may benefit from self-driving automobiles. Others who do not know how to drive may benefit from it as well. Bin-Nun claims that it can make roads safer, claiming that more than 36,500 people died on them in 2018. Nunes opposes the concept of self-driving automobiles because machines are imperfect and have weaknesses. They, like people, are capable of making mistakes.She detailed how a 40-year-old man was murdered by a self-driving car after colliding with a truck. She argues that we should not put our reliance in our automobiles to drive themselves throughout our lives.

Do you believe that self-driving cars will become a reality?
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I believe that having a driverless automobile would be beneficial since I am familiar with numerous scenarios where individuals are driving home late at night and become weary, and they can sleep behind the wheel. It has the potential to make roadways safer and prevent accidents. However, I am aware that machines are flawed and that we should not rely on them for control. I believe that driverless cars are a fantastic concept if they can develop automobiles that are safe and make no mistakes.

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July 9, 2022 6:39 pm

Dear Fernando:

I am happy that you brought up the possibility of driverless cars.
I believe that driverless cars would come eventually in the future, despite the current cons of this feature. I say this because in general, all technological advances has or had setbacks and criticism, however eventually would come to mass usage and outdate their predecessors. Take the examples of horses and oil lamps – their were the peak of technology during their times, however they have been largely replaced by automobiles and electricity despite initial protests and disbelief. I think drivers – like horses and oil lamps, will eventually be replaced with driverless technology. I predict that there would likely be a large handful of drivers left, however they would be in the minority.

May 2, 2022 4:32 am


Your post, “Driverless Cars?” is quite interesting. I like the fact that it poses two notable arguments from Mr. Bin-Nun & Mrs. Nunes. Although driverless cars can benefit people who are disabled and the environment, their flaws will ultimately outweigh these benefits. I would imagine that any person would feel more secure if they had full control over their vehicle, which is why trusting a computer that can malfunction, maybe even turn on you and attempt to purposely kill you, is foolish. 

Allowing driverless cars to take control of the streets may be the worst thing that could happen. The possibility of them being hacked and causing utter chaos is reality that I hope never occurs, which is why I believe that these driverless vehicles may pose a bigger threat than a person who is falling asleep behind a wheel. 

I totally agree with the sentence, “ driverless cars are a fantastic concept if they can develop automobiles that are safe and make no mistakes.”. The development of these safe and no mistake driverless vehicles is possible and I’m open-minded to this possibility, but this must first be proven. 

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the topic you choose was interesting to me. 


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