Drinking age, too high or just right? by Dakota

April 3, 2020


Drinking age, too high or just right?

  The argument of the drinking age has been a hot topic in the news for quite some time now. With a legal drinking age of 21 in the US, some people argue that the age is too high and that young adults should be able to experiment with it at the age of 18, while most government officials say that 21 is a good responsible age, and some even say that 21 is not old enough.

  For those on the side of lowering the age, their argument consists of different realizations of what you can do when you turn 18 and still the inability to drink legally. There Is also an argument that underage drinkers that happen to suffer an alcohol related injury or accident will refuse to be treated due to concerns with legal trouble. “Alcohol could become a more integral part of American culture, making young adults less prone to drink excessively as an act of rebellion towards the currently implemented law.” (Otte, article) I would not personally agree with this, as i do not believe everyone that chooses to drink under age is doing it as a rebellion, as most people are just looking to have a good time in a social environment.

 On the majority side of this argument, would be those who stand by the current drinking laws and those who even think that it should be higher. Their argument is a strong one, as the facts of our country’s underage drinking problem are known by everyone. The medical concerns for this are also very imminent as the damage that alcohol can do to underage minds has been studied and proven. At the age of 21, an individual is at a point in their life where they must make decisions for themselves, and if drinking is one on their to-do list, they can feel comfortable in their decision and still enjoy their youth.