Dear Dr. Rios:

My name is Thomas James. I’m am a helping handed person who loves to make a positive change in many of the young men groups I am hanging around. Many things I’m interested in is to give back to the community and change the messed up society.  I have just finished chapter 7&8 of your autobiography Street Life. After reading chapters of Street LIfe I soon to realize that Victor Rios grew into a hard lifestyle. He just gave us the reader a way into his life by telling us what he has to go through every day and all the suffering he did growing up.

The work I’ve done so far was inspiring good because it gave me more definition of thinking about his life and made me want to understand about his life.

I feel shocked about different parts of your story that you shared in the chapters titled “The Snake Belt” and “A True Gangster”.

In chapter 7, when you said ”I didn’t go to school for three months, and my mother didn’t know because our phone has shut off” (35), I  to know why you didn’t go to school for three months Oh, was it because you didn’t feel like dealing with people? Also, you said, ” The school sent my mom letters, but I checked the mail, and threw them away” (35), and I thought Victor,  what made you check the mail all the time?  If it was me, I would think of way to go to the administration office and get my address changed.

Then I read chapter 8 where I read “At least, I tried to go back to school” (39) and I realized Victor what made you try to go back to school because if it were me, I wouldn’t try after so long. Lastly, you shared ”I wanted to play the game, but I did not want blood on my hands” (46) and I want you to know that it’s traumatizing  knowing you would have blood on your hands if you was to play because I know I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Thank you for dedicating your time to read this blog.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you,




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February 27, 2018 8:48 am

Hi Thomas! I have never read this book that you are reading, but I have read a synopsis and this seems like a very interesting personal story. I like how you are tying this into your life and how you want to make change in your community. I think it is important to realize that childhood hardships last a life time, and it can be very hard to overcome those hardships and they leave an impression on you, whether that be physical and/or mental. I like how you are asking questions about the author’s chapters and trying to answer them yourself. If you haven’t already watched his ted talk, I would highly recommend it. Here is the link to his personal website, it is a good one to check out!
Again, great questions, and keep getting inspired!

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