Street Life is a book about Victor Rios life and the struggles that he went through while growing up. He started in Mexico living in poverty but his mother saw an opportunity if they went to America so they did, failed once but didn’t give up and tried once more then succeeded. Once they crossed to the “Land of Freedom” it was nothing like they hoped, they still lived in poor conditions, school was a big challenge and the streets forced Victor Rios to change how he was. After seeing mistakes on the other hand he changed for the better, went to school got his degree go a job found the love of his life. He went back to school for his P.H.D while having kids but succeeded and he is the successful man that he is now.

One part of the book that really stood out to me was when Dr.Rios was getting help from his favorite teacher Ms.Russ and he said that you have to put in your work and make yourself accountable. This part really stood out to me because it is something that I have to do, just like him I am receiving all the help that I can get but I need to make myself accountable. In order for me to succeed I have to begin to put in the work and not let the help that I am receiving go to waste.

I think that this was a really good book, when we began to read it, instead of doing the assignment right away I would instead read the chapters that we received because of how interesting his story is and then go back to finish the assignment. I think everyone should read it but especially those in the low-income community so that they can read some of the same struggles that they are going thru and then read the success that he had so that they can get motivated and strive to have the same amount success or more. If you are not a low-income student then you can still read it because it is an interesting story and it shows you a different perspective of life, a different way that this person lived from how you are living or how you lived at around his age. So my final say is yes do read this book, it is very good and gives real-life problems happening in low-income communities but a very good ending.

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