By: Angel Gutierrez Solorio

Dear Beer Companies, 

There are people dying from alcoholic beverages such as Beer and other substances. Are Beer Companies supporting these actions or degrading/dehumanizing the people. We’ll that’s how it is, Beer Companies are letting these innocent people get brainwashed to do irrevocable events causing even more impediments in people’s lives. Stop profiting from these events and help out the community. This is where our group steps in, to help advocate for Drinking and Driving to target the cause of the problem, Beer. Our group was asked to advocate for Drinking and Driving by doing background research and collecting data through a survey then of course finding solutions.

Based on our research, Beer Companies irresponsible actions of promoting alcohol to the fragile public creates irrevocable damage to the community, because Beer Companies are causing death rates to go up, profiting of any type of alcohol use, mainly being drunk driving, and causing drinking rates to go up among teenagers.

Firstly, Beer Companies have been in disguise promoting alcohol to get a variety of people’s attention for their own benefit causing death rates to go up. In fact, in the article, “The Oakland Police Department Is Arresting Drunk Drivers This Holiday”, By, The City of Oakland explains how during the holidays there tends to be more alcohol and driving related incidents causing alcohol related violations to go up. This is written by the Oakland Government in 2017 giving us recent Valid information of drinking and driving. The Government explained, “Nationally in 2016, 37,461 people were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes, and 28 percent (10,497) died in crashes where a driver had a blood alcohol

concentration (BAC) over the limit of .08. California reported 1,059 DUI deaths at .08 or above”(City Of Oakland). Really, 10, 497 people were killed because of drinking and driving, that’s 29% of the national death toll which shows these Beer Companies are promoting drugs that make people insane instead of marketing the truth and it’s real effects, to prepare people for what they’re getting into. The community is being harmed by the lack of alcohol education causing accidents to happen. Nobody knows the limit of alcohol (0.08 BAC also known as Blood Alcohol Content) causing these Companies to keep promoting alcohol use. While these people are risking their lives for alcohol, Beer Companies are in the background counting their dirty money which will be explained in the next paragraph. This is institutional oppression because these Companies keep marketing alcohol to the fragile community, who is not as educated, causing rates to go up from their propaganda being used in a dismal way. These issues have harmed lots of Americans, making people feel depressed and foreboding.

Yes, Beer Companies are causing death rates to go up but, Beer Companies are also profiting from alcohol while these alcoholics are killing themselves and other people. Moreover, In the article,“Industry Fast Facts.”, by, NBWA, National Beer Wholesalers Association,  an article posting statistics of  Beer Companies and their strategies to make money off the misled people. This article was written in 2017 by a group of college graduates to give us insight into Beer Companies.  NBWA wrote, “The U.S. Beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion in Beer and malt-based beverages to U.S. consumers each year”(NBWA). These Companies are making $119.3 billion monopolizing the alcohol industry thus, having the power to manipulate the community. The  community is buying lots of alcohol from these Beer Companies being biased instead of impartial from their fancy ads and marketing. People should have apathy but, are instead helping out these Companies make billions, oppressing the community because as there are more drunk driving incidents they just keep profiting when in reality they should help pay for medical expenses. Just to point out, this is Institutional oppression to be exact. This harm has left people broke from America’s healthcare system while Beer Companies donate no money at all. 

Thirdly, People know Beer Companies are causing death rates to go up and are profiting but, to add on Beer Companies are causing drinking rates to go up in the teenage community. In addition, in the article,“Drunk Driving: A Deadly Consequence Of Drinking – Rehab Spot.”Destiny Bezrutczyk, a California College Graduate explained how drinking and driving incidents are often caused by young tennagers. Bezrutczyk posted, “Number Of fatal drunk driving accidents involving teens, 25% involve an underage drinker. Impaired drivers between the ages of 16- and 24-years old account for 39% of all drunk drivers. Drivers between 25 and 34 make up another 29%”(Bezrutczyk). This has happened because of marketing skills using commercials and ads to target young teenagers to start to drink. The fact that 25% of drunk driving were teens explained that these commercials are designed to target a variety of people not just adults. Beer Companies know this and are still deciding to spread their message causing people to have a beneficial misconception of Beer.  These teenagers see these commercials of gorgeous women with bikini models influencing them to buy drinks to act sophisticated and more of an adult. Although that seems rejuvenating, alcohol is for adults of 21 years and older since their minds are more developed and have a better sense of making decisions, at 25 the brain is fully developed, to be exact. The problem is that these Beer Companies don’t really care that much and are promoting alcohol through commercials that get everybody’s attention. They know what they are doing, using propaganda to manipulate every group of people to drink alcohol. As the statistic says more than half of drinkers are underage. or about a third. This makes the community more vulnerable towards young drunk drivers who could kill people at any moment. 

In addition, Our group believed  these Beer Companies were the ones causing all of these Drunk Drivers in Oakland.  So our group organized a short 15 question survey to give us a better understanding of what the community knows and doesn’t know about drunk driving. The survey got 25 responses consisting of all Oaklanders, adolescents, teens, adults, and mixed races.Our data showed a huge educational knowledge gap and also a life skills/decision making gap, causing us to believe we should acquire more services that help drunk drivers mentally and physically.

  Our Data:. 

Figure 1 is titled: Age Range Of Participants

Figure 1: This bar graph represents the age groups of the survey participants from under 12 to over 18. 6 people were under 12 being adolescents, 8 people were 12 to 18 being teenagers, and 11 people were 18 and over being adults.

This argues that even though most survey takers were over 18, they still didn’t have correct knowledge about alcohol.

Figure 2: What’s The Legal Alcohol Limit?

 This Bar graph explains if people knew the legal alcohol limit(0.08). As a result only 1 person knew out of the 9 being 0.08 BAC. While the others choose 0.18 and 0.2 probably from confusion.

Surprisingly only 9 people answered being sort of odd.

This argues that most people do not have the knowledge about alcohol or the laws causing them to get into trouble. 

Figure 3: What is the legal age to drink alcohol?

This pie graph shows what people answered to the legal drinking age(21). The majority being 64% picked 18 probably because they mixed it with being an adult, 20% picked 16, and

finally the right answer 21, was only picked 16% of the time.

This argues that people do not know common knowledge and should be educated more. 

Figure 4: Have You Or  Anyone You’ve Known Has Had An Interaction With Drunk Drivers.?

This bar graph helps explain who has had interactions with drunk drivers. Out of 20, 1 person said no but the rest said yes. So basically 19 people have had dangerous interactions with drunk drivers while 1 person hasn’t. That’s 95 percent of the community if we were to use this as a Microcosm of Oakland.

This argues that we should have more taxi like services and stricter laws to prevent these people from anymore interactions with drunk drivers.

Some considerable faults that were studied upon the community is lack of knowledge. Some data to support this is out of the 25 people interviewed only 1 person knew the alcohol limit, surprisingly they were under 12 which shows our community needs to be educated. Another fault is lack of decision making for example, 9 people were likely to drive even if intoxicated. Not but not least interactions because 19 respondents explained that they have been involved in some sort of interaction with drunk drivers. All this data shows problems in the community that our group has to supervise and be proponents for.

Based on our research, The 3 main endeavors(aims) our group is going to take as upstanders, adversaries, and proponents are using social justice such as media and propaganda, building a instagram page to educate the community about alcohol and drunk driving, then Arts as protest,  putting up signs and fliers explaining the dismal truth around school so these students can bring home and educate others, and finally our group is going to use economic pressure to boycott these Beer Companies so they could no longer sell poison to the community. 

Firstly, Shelter in place, our first aim is screen time using media and propaganda to enlighten the community, using social media sites such as instagram to get the attention of these young teens and adults who are drinking alcohol by giving them helpful facts about Beer and the Law. This will be effective because education is key to life and is needed by everyone. 

Steps: Our first aim is media and propaganda using social media sites such as instagram to get the attention of these young teens and adults who are drinking alcohol. This will be effective because we are going to create a new instagram account using existing accounts to give attention to it and asking people to repost, so our page could get a macro following faster. Once the page has about 50 followers then our group will start to post facts and tips to avoid drinking and driving or ways to help prevent catastrophic incidents involving alcohol. This will happen once every day in the morning so these young teenagers could have an interesting fact to learn from and to keep busy. Some areas to really focus on are the legal drinking age(21) and the alcohol limit(0.08), easily reached by 3 to 4 drinks, because our survey proves nobody was really educated upon the law along with some background evidence to support our reasoning. Once the page has a semi enormous following such as 100 followers, we’re going to post more serious problems using valid evidence from the web until it blows. Since instagram is free, there is no budget and our only materials are our cellular devices.

Obstacles: However, Some impediments our group might cross are definitely the addiction rates of alcohol. This is because most people who drink alcohol are brainwashed thinking it’s beneficial towards them so it will be difficult to change their minds. Or is it, because our group will be one step ahead and have resources for rehab posted on our instagram. Since people are in quarantine the demand for alcohol is very low giving us the chance to offer virtual rehab.

Secondly, Our second aim is physical art as protest making signs explaining the dismal truth of alcohol to the students around school, to bring home with them. This will be successful because they will bring the flier home and spread the message. A flier is free to the students making it easy for poor children to spread the message without electronics.

 Steps:  Our steps to creating and spreading this massage is first by designing a beautiful piece of art involving the dangers of alcohol such as how much profit Beer Companies are making along with reinforcing facts relating to the survey results. Once we’re done designing(A picture showing a Beer Bottle being smashed and killing innocent people), our group would go up to the main principle and ask if our group could borrow some paper in exchange for a better educated community. This should make him feel sympathy giving us the chance to print out our flier. Now that our team has his approval, now it’s time to spread the word out by printing out about 500 copies(1 For everybody) to bring home and educate family members who may be drinking. Our needed materials are a computer and printing machine, the budget would be inserted into the school system so the school would be forced to donate some money to create flyers.

 Obstacles: However, Some impediments to our solution might get impacted by students not taking our topic seriously and not bringing the flier home. To prevent this we will ask the principal to make this a grade so students would be forced to bring these papers home and back to school signed. For those who don’t do the homework, our group is planning to give calls home explaining these facts so no one is left out of the education. Another important impediment is how much the fliers will cost, although it will be inserted into the school system, based on some research 500 sheets of paper cost about 20 dollars and ink cost about 200 dollars. That’s a lot of money right, yes but in contrast, OUSD gets millions of dollars so if it gets put into perspective, 220 dollars is really not much. Also, remember our group could always reuse unneeded paper from teachers.

Thirdly, Our third aim is Boycotting, using economic pressure to boycott these Beer Companies so they could no longer sell poison to the community. This will be effective because the Oakland community would come together to protest against these Beer Companies. Although most Oaklanders support alcohol, with the use of our instagram and fliers our group hopes people’s opinions would change to go against alcohol. If we congregate and use marches and rallies then there is going to be change because rallies, and freedom of speech are Free!

Steps: Using economic pressure is tricky because Beer Companies sell all over the world, and Oakland is just a miniscule piece and the boycott might be effective.  Since our group has unlimited resources, our group is going to tag  a bunch of famous influencers such as Drake and Snoop Dog to come spread the word and help boycott any store that sells alcohol. As the community blocks these vendors from selling alcohol then we’re going to target the Beer Companies themselves so they could change and show empathy by donating money back to these communities impacted by alcohol use. That’s the only way, if these Companies donate money we will stop but, if they don’t then we will keep going until their net worth drops a substantial amount.

Obstacles: However, Some obstacles are shop owners since boycotting will affect them but that’s no problem because our community is also going to educate them so they could also change and hopefully understand to be proponents.

Finally, To measure our success we would have to check for success rates, a few ways are by considering how much followers our account has gained and how many are actually active by measuring amount of likes and comments, checking drunk driving rates of Oakland to see if they have gone down even by 1% and finally our last way of checking is by looking at Beer Companies net worth to see if it has gone down and by seeing if they donated money to rehab centers or health clinics instead of disregarding them. Our group will mainly measure success by how many people were affected. It could be a macro or micro change but as long as there is change that is success. To collect qualitative data our group would make a poll on our instagram having similar questions as before to see if people have gotten educated about this serious drinking problem. If the answers are more accurate than we are successful but, if they went down then we are not successful, as simple as that.

To conclude, Thank you so much for reading our concerns, Beer Companies, we hope you stop promoting such nonsense and hope you stop giving these people poison to go kill themselves and others. Make Oakland a better place. #LifeAcademy #BoycottBeer #Savelives @AlcoholPrvention(Follow us).

Angel Gutierrez Solorio

Work Cited

“Drunk Driving: A Deadly Consequence Of Drinking – Rehab Spot.” RehabSpot, 26 June 2019,

This source talks about the fatality rates coming from drinking and driving and causing deaths as more people end up drinking. Drunk Driving is very credible because it was written by Destiny Bezrutczyk Trying to help the community mainly Okalnd understand the age groups of drinkers and where to worry about. This is for a Rehab organization  trying to help people.

“Gutierrez , Jimmy” My brother, 1 April 2020

My brother gave our group lot’s of reliable evidence such as the alcohol limit and other facts about alcohol listed above. Also, he gave us some knowledge about the price of school materials and the OUSD budget. He gave some reliable answers taking our project seriously. Jimmy is very credible because he is 17 meaning he’s been alive for a while and has a driver’s license giving us an extraordinary example of an obedient driver and OUSD student.

“Industry Fast Facts.” NBWA, 18 Mar. 2019,

Industry fast facts talks about how much money Beer Companies are making from Beer. This source is very credible because it was written in 2016 by  NBWA, giving you secrets of the de Beer Companies and  exposing the truth. These people are exposing the truth of these gigantic Companies.

“The Oakland Police Department Is Arresting Drunk Drivers This Holiday…” City of Oakland, 2 2017,

This article talks all about drunk driving in Oakland and how it’s really popular during the holidays. Drunk driving is serious and causes dozens of deaths throughout the year. This source is very trusted because it was written in 2017 by the government and has been getting updated since then.

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