Don’t Drink and Drive by Wendy

April 26, 2019


Don’t Drink and Drive

Jerry Delgado, Oswaldo Valentin, and Wendy Perez-Govea

Class of 2022

Dear Future and Current Drivers,

Did you know that “Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes—that’s one person every 48 minutes in 2017”(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Clearly, based on this statistic, we embody the fact that multiple people die because of drunk driving and those people can be family members or people we knew. We chose the topic Drunk Driving in order to have more people know about this topic and understand that lots of people are being affected and this topic isn´t just nonsense. Most importantly we chose to write to those who have a driver’s license or are looking forward to earning one, to understand that driving is a huge responsibility and if it’s taken for granted people can get hurt.

The issue today is that everyone is being affected by alcohol especially when people are drunk and out driving and we must transpose the issue. We know that there are multiple reasons why the issue is caused for example being an alcoholic meaning having the inability to control drinking emotionally and physically. Alcohol is also used because it can be a way for people to reduce stress caused by a traumatic event. Also, sometimes users have a family history of alcoholic behavior caused from a mental health disorder, or lack of family supervision at parties. In the website ‘National Safety Council’, Lisa Robinson (writes blogs about safety when driving) talks about how injuries are caused because of drunk driving. It states, “The misuse or abuse of alcohol or other substances greatly increases the chance of injuries in the workplace and beyond.”(Robinson). What this is stating is that it is illegitimate to drive under the influence of alcohol according to the law and for a teenager to drink in general meaning that it is insubordinate to be under the influence of alcohol since it has a high chance of getting in a car accident since alcohol interferes with the drivers concentration, reaction time, vision, and slows their breathing down (Delphi Behavioral Health Group). This will harm not only the people in the vehicle driving but also the people who are innocent and around them during the mishap. This is why we people shouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol because they won’t get anything good out of the situation and they are risking their lives and others. People should think about ways to stay safe for example if they are at a party ways to get home without having to drive in order to keep others and themselves safe instead of endangering their lives. In the, ‘Development and Advising in Traffic Safety’, found that a lot of teenagers will be under the influence of alcohol when they are driving. The DATS states, “In more recent years, several studies have shown that more than a third of adults and half of teenagers admit they have driven drunk.”(Development and Advising in Traffic Safety). The fact that teenagers admit that they are under the influence of drinking and driving it shows that parents need to be more responsible and keeping track of what their child is doing. Besides this parents should interact with their teen and tell them why is not allowed to be drinking and driving since parents wouldn’t want to lose their children. Specially in parties they should make sure that they have a way to get home or parents should pick up their kids. In order for teenagers to not get hurt it’s impactful and total nonsense to lose you kid just because they were drinking and driving when their parents should have taught them to prevent these actions. Parents should make sure that they go through ground rules with their kids before letting them drive because no parent wants to lose their children at such an early age for a mistake that could have been prevented.

The past tactics of social change that have been used to make change on drinking and driving that influenced our team for this project were education, public art, and propaganda. First, MADD found different statistics based on multiple incidents of drunk driving everyday meaning lots of people are affected from this issue. Mothers Against Drunk Driving website says,” 300,000 INCIDENTS A DAY, 10,876 DEATHS A YEAR, 290,000 INJURIES PER YEAR” (MADD). This can show people that it isn’t a small problem and accidents can happen to anyone. Multiple people are affected by this and it shows that we need to speak up about it with the current generation and the future generations to see if we can make a change and have these statistics drop.

Image result for drink driving billboards

Another, past tactic that has been used before is billboards and public art.

( The billboard is communicating the fact that people shouldn’t be drinking and driving at all and subdue these acts. It should stop because we are losing lots of lives and using billboard is a way for people to see because they are big and it promotes to safely drive.

Furthermore, teenagers need to hear about these issues in order to make a drop impact in the teenage community because it has the highest percentage of accidents of drunk driving. Development and Advising in Traffic Safety suggests, “This problem is especially important among young people and worsens on weekend nights” (DATS). Clearly we need to show teenagers statistic and ways for them to learn how to stay safe when driving. We need to show them that it isn’t a good idea to drink in parties at a young age and to drive either under alcohol influence. This is why we chose to make flyers to post around our highschool since some students may be getting ready to learn to drive or are currently driving. We wouldn’t want our classmates to get hurt over an accident that could have been prevented. Finally, we will use propaganda using an instagram account to show the community and others that this is a serious issue and people are getting affected by it. This source claims, “ Alcohol causes very obvious alterations in behavior, as it affects almost all the physical skills we need for safe driving.” (DATS). In an account we can have a bigger audience meaning more people will be engaged and will see the effects on alcoholism and drunk driving. This can help some people chose to get help and also have them be more responsible with their choices.

Our plan is to create posters and put them up around our school in order for the high schoolers who are getting prepared to learn how to drive or for those who already know to make sure they don’t drive under the influence of alcohol. Along with posters we will also have an instagram account and will be posting educational posts with the hashtags #beeresponsible #dontdrinkanddrive. Besides this we will add the MADD donating link and go around telling the teachers or students to donate in order to help victims of driving accidents.

In conclusion, to raise awareness about not drinking and driving we will educate people in order for them to be more responsible about their choices and actions. If you would like to support our proposal, follow us on instagram @n0_drunk_driving_ and follow the hashtags #beeresponsible #dontdrinkanddrive #drive responsibly. Also, go donate to which is an association that works with making money in order to help people who got injured in accidents or to help people get treated for alcoholism.

Please comment and be our Ally,

Wendy Perez-Govea

Oswaldo Valentin

Jerry Delgado

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