“Passengers to Dominican Republic now Boarding”

Those are the words that made me more excited.

We have been in Miami for a couple hours now,

But it was time to leave.

It was time to start a new adventure!


I never imagine having this opportunity

At such a young age,

Traveling to a new country…

How exciting.

I saw myself traveling to places in California or Mexico

I saw myself traveling in the future

When I hopefully have money & a family

At age 25 or older

But never at 15 & 16

Never to the Dominican Republic


It’s a new place

It’s so different

There’s good and bad

There’s poor communities

Broken houses

Dirt roads

No clinics

No big businesses or factories


Its like opposite worlds


Happy children

Beautiful beaches

Good tasty food



Helpful people


Its like opposite places


It was a nice 24 people group

Getting to meet people from all around the world

From Washington,

New Jersey,

New York,




We got so close to each other

They became a big part of me

They became like my second family


It’s like we were in our own world there


We did not worry about school

About homework

About family problems

About stress

Or about anything


It’s like we were in our own world there


There we were happy!

We were helping people build clinics,

Clean up trash,

Take out paint,

Work with doctors and patients,

Give out medicine,

& educate ourselves on a new culture,

a new environment,

and all the problems happening there.


Its like opposite worlds


We got to have fun too!

Go to beaches,

Eat new food,

Chill by the pool until 9:30 in the night,

Have a party,

Get to know each other,

& just enjoy 2 weeks in a new country.


It was a life changing experience.

Learning about all the different challenges people go through

Made me realized how we take a lot of things for chanted.

In some ways it made me change the way that I am,

But most importantly it made me be thankful for everything that I have.


It was a experience of a lifetime!

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March 9, 2018 7:05 pm

Dear Jennifer,
Your poem was very enjoyable to read. The way that you described the land and your views made me feel like I was there with you on that trip. You described it as a life changing experience which made me guess that your poem was about identity and love. You found yourself in your trip and there was a lot of love, whether it meant you loved the trip or you loved the people and the company. I look forward to reading more of your pieces.

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