When women or men suffer from domestic violence they usually don’t report it right away. One of the reasons why is because their attacker threatens to kill them and their family, so the woman or man has no choice but to stay with the abuser to keep everyone around them safe. By reading some stories online about women talking about their abuse and why they stayed, most of the reasons why was isolation, money, love, family shame and fear, a woman named Nicole claims “He warned me that If I left him, he would hunt me down. He was going to shoot me. He was going to paralyze me. He was going to throw acid on my face” (Huffingtonpost) this shows how horrifying it can be to make the choice to leave, with threats like these there isn’t a clue as to when the abuser could finally break and kill their victim. Domestic Violence is an issue everywhere in the world, but most of the time people don’t see the signs when it’s actually happening to someone they know.

In one of my interviews I asked my mother, who has been an Oakland resident for 29 years, about why she thinks domestic violence is an issue, and she said that if in the homes of the abuser the child sees what the father is doing to their mother they might copy the actions of the father and possibly hit someone at school or anywhere else. This leads to violence to schools also, the children can get into lots of fights in school which can lead to suspension. In another interview I did I also asked my neighbor, she has lived in Oakland for 30 years and she knows people who have been through domestic violence, she says that women should always report their case even if they love that person. If a man really loved his spouse then he wouldn’t hurt her in any way. It doesn’t always involve hitting it can also be being put down and screaming. Whether that’s telling a woman that she looks hideous in a dress to telling her that she’s useless and probably telling her to die that’s a few of the common signs that they’re going to be in a rough relationship.


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February 8, 2017 9:10 am

Hi Diana,

I enjoyed reading your post on the topic domestic violence. I like how you include an image that would bring out emotional response in the readers. I also like how you include different interviews in the post as well. You included interviews from your mother and your neighbor as well. This brings in more information from different sources regarding the topic. It also give new perspective as well, such as the interview from your mother. It shows how domestic violence not only affects the people in the relationship but also the children as well.

I like how you use the phrase “Domestic Violence is an issue everywhere in the world”. I think it’s important that this issue is known and recognized, so that more people are aware and can step up to help. Like you said in the beginning of your post, men or women suffering from domestic violence don’t usually report it right away. I like how you are bringing awareness to this issue and talks about signs of domestic violence in a relationship as well. Good job!

Nhu Pham
January 26, 2017 8:21 pm

Dear Diana:
I believe that Domestic violence is one of our biggest issue. I agree with you that a large scale of women and men who were being abused don’t report their issues because as you said they are scared by the threatening of the abuser.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “One of the reasons why is because their attacker threatens to kill them and their family, so the woman or man has no choice but to stay with the abuser to keep everyone around them safe. I think this is really true because people are scared if their family and themselves won’t be safe. Most of the abuser use the threatening method to keep the victim from leaving or exposing them.
And I also agree that if a person actually love you, they should appreciate you not making you feel bad or hurting you. If you are in a situation that you wonder if that person love you or not, think about theirs behavior and decide.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.


Neo Arteaga
January 26, 2017 4:35 pm

Hey Diana, this article was very interesting to read. I think domestic violence is a real problem and it’s good that you’re thinking about it, and you should continue to write about this issue. People don’t often think about how domestic violence affects children.
The interview from your mother is something that stood out to me. I agree with her stance on the issue and see that the issue is a deadly cycle. When someone abuses their spouse or child, it shows on the child, and they are more likely to abuse their spouse or child in the future. This repeats infinitely until one of the children does not abuse their family, and instead loves them unconditionally.
My only problem with this article is how you show men to be the only abusers in a relationship, when really both genders abuse equally. I think you should also expand more on verbal and mental abuse rather than physical abuse, which everyone always assumes abuse is.
Thanks for writing this, and I look forward to seeing what your next post will be about! Have a great day.

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