Three women a day are murdered by their significant other in the United States (Get the Facts).  This is a upsteing number because there is three hundred sixty-five days in a year which means there is more than one thousand women murdered in a year. Domestic Violence starts as verbal abuse and if it’s not stopped it can lead to physical violence, if not death.

Domestic Violence has become very common in all social classes and in all ethnic groups, therefore it can happen with anyone and anywhere (Domestic Violence Roundtable). Verbal/Emotional abuse is the most common type of Domestic Violence that happens in most communities (Domestic Violence Roundtable). This is a problem because as stated before, Domestic Violence can lead to death if not stopped. In an interview with an Oakland teacher Toai Dao, he admitted not fully understanding Domestic Violence but having empathy, “I don’t quite understand it, I hope that people can see this mental health that they have to deal with either, their depression or learn how to manage their anger so that they don’t take it out on their relationships (Dao).” He believes that Domestic Violence happens because the abusers don’t know how to deal with situations. Dao states, “I feel bad” and “unfortunate” to show empathy to the students who talk to him about Domestic Violence that happens in their homes. Having someone to empathize with victims can help change victim’s point of view. For example in an interview an Oakland resident states that Domestic Violence is a cycle and if it is not broken it keeps going (Borrayo). When victims leave an abusive relationship or get help it can help break a cycle, that will no longer continue.  

Not only does Domestic Violence affect those that are victimized, but can have a really big impact on those who are around the situations. Majority of the time children are affected and have traumatic experiences (Get the Facts) 15.5 million children in the United States are living in families where Domestic Violence occurs (Get the Facts). In an article, from the government, it show how a cycle of Domestic Violence repeats itself if is not stopped with the parents, for instance, “Frequent exposure to violence in the home not only predisposes children to numerous social and physical problems, but also teaches them that violence is a normal way of life…” (The United States Department of Justice)  This is stating that Domestic Violence is a normal way for children that have experiences with Domestic Violence, which can be stopped if the Oakland residents have the resources they need.

Some may say that DV doesn’t escalate to murder, and is often harmless comments. Or it is an isolated incident, but once Domestic Violence begins it will continue, and eventually get worse over time (Domestic Violence Roundtable). Oakland community member, also has noticed that it is a cycle. It is said to really affect those around them (Borrayo). This is important to think about because if children grow up with the mentality of Domestic Violence being OK will not only affect them, but in the future their children, which becomes a cycle. Therefore Domestic Violence does get worse over time and it has many possibilities to where the escalation can lead to.

To conclude, something needs to be done. And more resources need to come to Oakland to stop and prevent domestic violence from escalating, specifically in the lower income community where a lot of the victims can not afford going to therapy and can not afford the to pay for their needs. In an interview with an Oakland community member that is in the lower class states, “There is not enough resources, especially in lower class communities  they don’t have the privilege of going to therapy or counseling, they can’t pay out of pocket and there is not a lot of free resources to help women  or victims (Borrayo).” This is why Domestic Violence is believed to have a bigger impact on lower class communities and why it is believed to be a big impact on Oakland, CA. In order to make changes in the Oakland community people have to start by changing themselves.

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February 8, 2017 2:54 am

Dear Gladys,

I think your post had a lot of substance in it. It explained domestic violence in a greater scale from the nation to bringing it down to a scale of a city. One line here that really got to me was ‘15.5 million children in the United States are living in families where Domestic Violence occurs (Get the Facts).’ That number is frightening, honestly. I really enjoyed reading this and was very informed about domestic violence. All in all my opinion about the blog post was that I think more should read it and learn what is going on from a big to small scale.

February 8, 2017 1:59 am

Hey Gladys, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Domestic violence should be a topic that we must bring awareness to because many people can go through situations like this. I definitely agree that we must break this cycle thus we must understand and be familiarize with the early signs of domestic violence such as beating, and verbal violence. I really like how you mention that we must break the cycle because we don’t want to normalize this kind of behavior, especially in front of children. It can cause a traumatic experience it can overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope because it doesn’t only affect them emotionally, but also cognitively and physically.

February 7, 2017 9:36 pm

Dear, Gladys I really like your blog I really think you express the very important topics about domestic violence. I agree I think that domestic violence is a very important and serious issue that should not be a distraction on so many people’s life. The statistic that you had in the beginning really shock me on how there are many women that die due to domestic violence. I slightly disagree on your solution I think there are better ways to fix the problem. Overall I think that you did an amazing job and your blog speaks out the truth about domestic violence. THANK YOU

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