My question would be Why do so many men find violence appropriate? Domestic violence is violence or abuse by one person to another in a domestic setting. Violence shouldn’t be tolerated at all. Different types of violence take place all the time around the world. Most DV cases take place in intimate relationships. Domestic violence is a major topic around the world. Most cases take place with a Man and Female but their are other cases that may vary. People are abused every minute of the day. Men aren’t allowed to put their hands on a female no matter what the circumstances are. Men aren’t allowed to do these things but they still do it anyway. Which is what makes this topic a problem. Men shouldn’t be allowed to call a female out of their name but it still occurs all the time. Were all human and were what makes up this world. Nobody is perfect. No man should feel superior than us females just because they weren’t born the same gender as us.

I would like to know how many couples are involved in domestic violence cases per year. I would like to know who can experience domestic violence. I would also want to know is how can someone tell if they’re in a abusive relationship. What are signs of domestic violence? I would wanna know why do victims stay?

According to the FBI, a women is battered every 15 seconds. 2-4 million women are abused each year. Nearly 1/2 of men who abuse women end up abusing their kids also. Up to 50% of of homeless women and children are fleeing from domestic violence. Studies show that women face greater risks of assault when they leave or threaten to leave their partners,or report the abuse to the authorities. 1 in 3 women end up experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Since so many women are affected by domestic violence, It is likely that we may all know someone who needs help.


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