Dog Training

In the article, “No Petting” I learned that there is no need to train a dog to be more friendly although it is best for the owner and the pet itself it doesn’t necessarily mean that training a dog can be attainable. In an article by Philip Galanes he mentions a story about a family that struggled with strangers petting their dogs without asking for permission. This led to the dog growling or snapping at the strangers who approached the dog. They question whether they should train their dog to be friendlier with strangers or to be more direct with the people that are eager to touch their dog. Philip Galanes response to their question was that even if a dog is well trained it can snap at people, so the best thing to do would be to say “No, he snaps” to the strangers wanting to pet your dog.

I think this topic can be very controversial. This topic can go in two ways: you either believe a dog should be trained or you don’t. I personally believe if you are able to afford someone to train your dog it would be best to do so. Although, dogs can snap out of nowhere even if trained you can have that as a way to prove your dog is trained and can be taken anywhere. I also agree with Philp Galanes if you are not able to get your dog trained, just simply tell those people who ask if they can pet your dog the truth and let them know that it wouldn’t be safe for them. Therefore, it isn’t a big need to train your dog but it would be good too. 

Do you agree or disagree with Philip Galanes’ response?