As a country, we have become extremely dependent on Fossil Fuels. Not only are the cheap and convenient but at what cost are they coming from? We rely on fossil fuels for many everyday things, such as cooking or driving and even electricity. The fossil fuels we have become dependent on are created by the decaying soft tissue of creatures that lived millions of years ago. Now because of the sheer time, it takes to produce these fossil fuels they are extremely limited in the supply available. Fossil Fuels have become a trillion-dollar industry, trillions of dollars are being spent annually and often will take priority over many beneficial things. 

In 2017, The new international Monetary Fund shows the United States spent $5.2 Trillion was spent on fossil fuels. This is equivalent to 6.5% of the global GDP or gross domestic product of 2017. Since 2015, the funding for fossil fuels has increased by half a trillion dollars. According to Rolling Stone The US has spent $599 Billion on funding for the Pentagon our main source of defense for the United States. A recent study done at the University of Portland shows the United States spent $28.8 Billion on Education. According to Rolling Stone, the United States $649 billion on fossil fuel subsidies. Meaning that in 2015 the United States spent more on fossil fuels then education and the pentagon combined. The united states spent 22 billion dollars more on fossil fuels than on things such as national security and education combined. Showing that Fossil Fuels have been placed in Higher priority over Education and National Security.

In conclusion, The United States spends more on Fossil Fuels than many things. The two examples described above show that fossil fuels are placed above programs that positively impact civilian life.

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November 7, 2019 2:47 pm

I believe that the US is running out of fossil fuels and fast.And need to stop burning.

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