Does the level of education play a role in the present day wage gap in the United States?


It is no secret that there is a wage gap in the United States between male and female workers. We have seen the wage gap present in all kinds of jobs; teaching, engineering, factory working, business and management, etc. But why is there a wage gap? What has happened in United States history that has allowed people to do the same work as others but get paid less? Does the level of education play a role in the wage gap?


According to an article, women are excelling in school with graduation rates, test scores, and finding jobs after they have graduated. Studies have shown “women were projected to get 58% of masters and bachelor’s degrees, and over half of PhD degrees for the 2011-2012 academic year.” These numbers mean that women are doing better in school than men are. Additionally, women are scoring higher than man on tests and in bar exams. So why is there still a wage gap when women are doing just as well as men in schools?


Even though women are performing extremely well in graduate school, they are “entering so called “helping professions” such as nursing, teaching, elder care, health services, nutrition, social work.” These professional attract less men. While women go into professions to help others and benefit society, men chose dangerous and physically demanding jobs like mining and operating construction machinery.


Still, when comparing wages of men and women who work 40 hour weeks, women make 87 percent of men’s earnings, according to the Labor Department. While society has put a sizable dent in the issue of the wage gap, we still have much work to do in making it equal for all, no matter what gender, race, or religion.

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March 3, 2018 3:16 pm

Olivia,I am in awe of your insight. This is a question that I wished in 2018 we would not have to ask. I liked the fact that you included research and statistics of how women are excelling in education, “women were projected to get 58% of masters and bachelor’s degrees, and over half of PhD degrees for the 2011-2012 academic year”; yet still get paid less than men. The sad part is that in some industries, women who have higher degrees than their male counterparts still get paid less. How can this change? Will it ever change?

March 2, 2018 5:15 pm

Liv, I really enjoyed this because this is something that is relevant in our lives as women. I agree that we need to start being paid the same as men because it is only fair. We work just as hard or even harder and we still aren’t recognized for our duties. Here is an article that I found about the wage gap:

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