Christians make up for 33% of the world’s population. Muslims 20%, Hindus 13%, Buddhists 6%, others 13%, and atheists 14%. Religion is to blame for the crusades and Al-Qaeda so it’s obvious that such radical beliefs should be watched closely. But how can we still be respectful towards people’s beliefs. People have a right to religion but where can we draw the line? Of course there is a law of separation between church and state. However on a smaller scale, religion can still do harm to people, psychologically and socially.

Religion can be highly exclusive. I experienced this first hand growing up in a mormon neighborhood. Even teachers would mention church stories or songs in class. People were still nice to me but I felt a large barrier between myself and my peers. Secondly, many people take rules and the bible all too seriously which can turn into religious OCD known as “scrupulosity”. “In societies where religiosity is more stringent…:50% of OCD patients in Saudi Arabia and 60% in Egypt said they had religious obsessions, according to studies from the early 1990’s.

On the whole however, most people are content living a religious life. “Regular participation in communal religious worship appears to be associated with greater likelihood of healthy social relationships and stable marriages; and increased sense of meaning in life; higher life satisfaction; an expansion of one’s social network; and more charitable giving.”So in conclusion, I think that people need to be mindful of how they are letting religion contribute towards their life.

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October 18, 2017 8:50 pm

Kathryn, I think you topic is interesting. It is currently a controversial topic, but it needs to be talked about in public. The role of religion should be public within our lives, where each institution should focus on vocalizing their positive teachings so the world recognizes that the recent heinous acts attributed to religion are only followed by a small group. Modern religion practices positivity and social justice, and most acts, say terrorism, have been a result of ulterior motives, often political. Past acts, such as crusades, have been a result of misinterpretations of religious zeal. This is not to excuse religions from committing these acts. However, it should be acknowledged that these are individuals, committing acts in the name of religion. At least, this is what I believe. We should also not forget the benefits of religion. It is a social order that focus on positive behavior. Also, religion brought on the development of modern sciences. Modern sciences originated from the critical analysis of human character, as well as the unknown that came from critical thinking of theologians.
Here’s a link to a forum on the discussion of the positive and negative effects of religion. It is an interesting read, although keep in mind this is a public forum, and fact checks should occur often as you’re reading.:

October 12, 2017 1:56 pm

Hey Kathryn, I really enjoyed this topic even though it can be so controversial and can cause a lot of hate speech and arguing. One main point that stood out to me would be that you took both sides and didn’t just swerve to one so there wouldn’t be that much of a bias opinion and both sides could agree and understand each other’s stand point. Your point in this article really reminds me of back when I use to go to church it, it brought this memory up because I use to be really religious until I stopped going to church so I can understand both sides of the context. Thank you for sharing your post I look foward to your future content.

October 11, 2017 5:03 pm

Hello Kathryn. I admire your courage to speak up about a topic that can be quite controversial, and considered offensive to many people. I love that you took both positive and negative views on the idea of religion. Especially in times like these, where religious groups are being pushed into stereotypes, and foolish assumptions are being made of truly faithful, good people I thank you for helping spread more points of views in this topic.

October 11, 2017 4:59 pm

I mostly agree with you, I’m not religious and I’m happy about that, religion is nothing for me. But I think religion is an very interesting thing and being religious is completely fine when you don’t force others to be in your religion too or hate them for not being religious.

October 11, 2017 12:02 pm

I most definitely agree with you.

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