You and Me

Hi, my name is Moose. I just moved here from Philadelphia to Texas. My family by far is nowhere near rich. We lived in a small one story house but it’s just me, mother, and two brothers and I wouldn’t change it. My father left when I was five and started a whole new life (Deadbeat self) but it’s cool cause my mother is handling herself. We moved here cause she got a job and it’s going to be enough for us to live off of. “Moose, honey wake up it’s time for school” Mother 

yelled upstairs.`

`Ok, mom I’m up you don’t have to yell” I said while rubbing the crust out my eyes . 

” Boy shut up and just get up.” She yells with somewhat of a attitude.

That’s our relationship and I love her to death. I get up and go take a shower, put on my lotion and walk downstairs. When I get downstairs everyone is sitting at the table eating breakfast but I don’t see a plate for me. As I dap my brothers up I walk over to mom and give her a kiss and she says your plate is in the microwave. “Better be.” I say lowly.

“What boy?” She said, 

“Nothing I love you, bye” I say as I run out the door.

 “Have a good day, bye.” She yells.

It’s now 8:20am, 10 mins before school starts so I’m walking into the building and as soon as I step foot in everyone’s head turns and wears this shocked but disgusted look and then they start whispering amongst themselves as I walk through the halls until I get to the office. And as I’m walking in I see this boy. He’s white 6’1, blonde hair, and he looks like he has fire shoe game and he turns around to walk out, sees me and smiles as he walks out. Why did he smile at me? Was I making a funny face or something? SLAM!! That’s when I heard a door slam knocking me out of my thinking and Iin walked the principal. 

“ Ahh Mr. Thompson so nice to finally meet you i have heard and seen wonderful things about you!” The principal said.

“That’s nice thanks for allowing me to come to this wonderful school i hope to further my running career as i hear yall have a wonderful team” 

“That’s great I’ll talk to you later about that but for now let me call in a student to help you around the school and find your locker and classes,” He said as he reached for the phone.

So I was sitting there for 20 minutesminute and then walked in that boy again. 

‘Thanks for showing Moose I’m sure yall will make great friends,” The principal said, pretty sure of it. He just nodded his head and then looked at me and smiled again this time while introducing himself. “Hi, my name is Simon and yours is Moose,” He said. I shook my head and he extended his hand and I shook it. We started walking to my locker first but on the way, he asked  “Do you play a sport or something?”

“Yeah, I’m a runner. You?”

“Basketball,” he said 

“Cool, maybe I’ll come to watch one day , but you’re probably trash.”

“Oh Mr.Runner is a shit talker, and secondly my jump shotjumpshot is about as good as a sponge.”

I’m dead cracking up. “That has nothing to do with sponges.” He just laughed it off. Anyways the rest of the way was quiet until we reached my locker. I started to put my stuff in there so he could show me where my class was when he said. “Moose sorry coach is calling for an early practice so I asked one of my good friends to finish showing you around,” He said. I just shook my head. Soon a girl with red and black hair walked up and greeted herself. “Hi, my name is Andy and yours?”

“Moose,” I said as she shook her head

“Ok I’ll leave you two to it “ He said as he walked away not before he winked at me and I think Andi saw it too.”Ouuu he likes you what you do cause he only does that to certain people”. I just shrugged my shoulders cause Ii didn’t know either.” Anyway this way to youryou first class” She said. As we werewas walking we werewas talking getting to know each other Ii actually really like this girl, she could definitely be a best friend. As we got close to my class some weirdo screamed “Couldn’t imagine being black and gay” and they werewas laughing and pointing at me.

So Ii walk up and “What you say Ii missed it”

“Oh, so your gay and cant he-”

He stopped mid-sentence as because my fist connected with his jaw. He got up yelling “You’reYour going to regret that”. He said as he was running.“That’s Markus he dates Ashley who is another weirdo you will know who she is when you see her.”” But for now  let’s just get to class”


3 Months Later

So what’s basically happened in these three months is Me and Simon started dating because we found out we have way more in common. Me and Andi are best friends which I already knew we were going to and school has been ok. Still the same old people there though. And Markus the boy I punched went to the office and I got three after-school detentions. They don’t like fighting at all. My mom is in the hospital because she has cancer and never once told anyone. So Ii got a job and i have been taking care of my little brothers and mother. But one day everything fell apart. One day Ime and Simon got into an argument because I feel like he wasn’t there when I needed him most and I love this boy dearly so it hurt even more when he said I think we should just break up. And then Andi started distancing herself that was her friend first but she always talked to me.

And after that day Ii got a call saying that my mother passed away my whole world came crashing down Ii got really depressed, started getting bad grades. Sstopped running which is something i wanted to do pro. I think I was so depressed it started to hit Simon cause I’m positive he started doing drugs and drug dealings. But I think something happened because he has been acting paranoid. I’ll talk to him about that. 


I was sleeping in my bed when I heard a sound coming from my window so I started to wake up until I was hit hard in my head like that time I fell down the steps and I was knocked out. Hours later from the looks of it from there being light coming from the windows. It appears I have been knocked out for a while. When Ii woke I i felt someone’s arm i looked over and saw Andi next to me still sleep i bumped her twice before she woke up and we both ask why we was here and we didn’t have a clue.As if on cue in  walked a dark skin boy holding a gun with twoo bodyguards behind him. Hand he told them to pick us up and bring us to the front room, now im getting angry so Ii asked him “Why the f*ck are we here?” and Hhe laughed and then said “Because of Simon”. 

“What he do”

“Well you see your boyfriend does drugs and makes drug runs for me. Iand i know he’s been lying to me and taking an extra cut from my money so this is payback. I left a little note for him and knowing him he’ll be here and that’s why i will have him choose between you or her”. I was speechless, no words nothing. I didn’t know whether to be sad that i was in this situation or mad cause he does drugs and makes drug runs. A couple minutes later his bodyguards came in with Ssimon tied up and threw him on the ground. He looked at us and asked if we were ok. I didn’t say anything Andi said yeah. And that’s when the boy talked again.”So Simon you wanna tell me what happen to my money “ 

“Ok Aaron I’ll tell you just let them go this is between me and you.”

“Fuck that where is MY MONEY!” Aaron yelled

“Ok i took it ok.”

“No see not ok ,cause since you wanna be stealing no I’im gonna steal someone’s life from you. Which one should Ii kill Simon, and you got 10 seconds to decide.”“


“Stop please just kill me instead let them g-”


“I’m begging you please”




‘Guys im so sorry”




Just as he was about to say three but in bust the police and they shot and killed Aaron in a instant and then they came unchained us three then i slapped Simon and then walked outside to talk to the police.Then out walk Simon he walked up and said he was sorry and i forgave him because he did it to help his mom cause his mom and dad was having mad problems and one being his mom in the hospital. So he was helping her so I understand I just wish I wasn’t part of the kidnapping. After that we went back to school and everything basically went back in order except for Ashley now being our friend. So basically what happened that night was as I was getting kidnapped, Ashley happened to be outside and saw the whole thing and called the police and then she apologized for being so mean to me and then we actually became good friends. So fast forward it’s graduation and we are all up there turning our caps. I walked to go hug my brothers since we still have that good bond, then I walked over to Simon and his family and we were all hugging and then his mother said “Moose I know your mom died but you will always be a part of this family.” Simon’s Mother said. I just shook my head and smiled. “Can we eat now? I’m hungry.” My brother said. We all laughed and then Simon’s mother said “Let’s get this boy some food.” And we went to Applebees. So basically two years later me and Simon are living together and Andi moved to New York for college. We still talk to Ashley on a daily basis and now me and Simon are trying to adopt a child. But to this day I still make sure that Simon doesn’t go back down the path of drugs. I won’t let the system turn him into every other black man. Not on my watch.


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