When Do I Really Have Rights?

Upfront’s latest issue and its magazine called “When Are You Really an Adult?” discusses whether young adults at the age of 18 are mature enough to take on the many responsibilities that come at that age. It also discusses how the different age requirements for the right to participate vs. the right to protection. Another topic is about the rights you get once your 18.

For example, you get to drive legally with a driver’s license. Many disagree with this right, arguing that it gives too much liberty to young people. Others say it is a very dangerous activity for them to doing at such a young age.

Another example, you also get voting rights at 18. But it was not always like this. Young adults fought for the right to vote back then using the slogan “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.”

Many still disagree with certain age requirements specified for certain activities such as drinking, driving, going to war, renting a car, and others. Do agree with today’s age requirements? Do you think that 18-year-olds are ready to become adults and take on many of the responsibilities pushed onto them?

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