"What Role Have Books Played in Your Life?"

I was intrigued by this article, firstly, because of how undefined my relationship with reading is, and secondly because I was very interested to know what this article about the role of reading would relate to the former president of the United States; Barack Obama.

To answer a question directed at the readers at the start of this article, yes, I have found peace and solace by reading books. I find reading to be such a claiming and attentive activity, it can be easy to simply slip out of this reality and into one of fantasy or fiction, being able to envelope yourself in such unique and powerful places is one of the best parts about reading.

The author talks about her interview with Obama, where the mentions “books were a sustaining source of ideas and inspiration, and gave him a renewed appreciation for the complexities and ambiguities of the human condition.” I think this is really powerful to understand because it shows empathy, the ability to have a deeper understanding of our human interactions.

There was a bias in this piece, it states “Student Opinion” and heavily favors the readers. (not of the article but of books in general) I also favor readers, although I would be curious to read an article that does not. I do think that the New York Times is a generally reliable source


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October 19, 2021 2:07 pm

I like how concise you are with your emotional connection towards books and/or reading in general. There are a few grammatical errors but overall clear; I would recommend some diversity in syntax. Furthermore, I would love to dive into the difference of opinions on reading and its positives as well as negatives that you briefly mentioned in your concluding passage.

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