True Strength by Wilson

June 3, 2022


True Strength

I’m a guy with a rock who’s been around the block


But even I snap when other dudes say black girls and women are wack


Don’t they know what you go through or are they acting like they know everything about you


They say things like women are weak they should stay in the kitchen so i’ll make changing there minds with this poem my mission


In the past black women were going through the dark times of slavery just as much (if not more) as black men and some of those women are probably your kin


While dudes are having trouble pushing out poop women are going through that pain of having a kid so don’t doubt there strength when you haven’t gone through the things that they did


Not to mention they fought for suffrage because abolitionists are trying to treat women’s rights like water under the bridge


So all you misogynists form a picket line because gender equality is only a matter of time


Thank god for the Nineteenth Amendment because dudes were really acting like they are all self dependent


And its crazy because guys will be stabbed with a knife before realizing that their alive because a women came into their father’s life


So keep thinking that women are below you and i’m sure that they will show you


Just as Annie said “anything you can do I can do better” and that should tell you that women can also be go getters


Keep in mind that there are famous women like Marilyn Monroe, Ruby Dee and Whoopi Goldberg so take the time to realize that women are strong too nerd


Not to mention that there are also famous black women like Michelle Obama,Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry and they are all sweet as a cherry


Sexism obviously isn’t fair and I want people to know that I care


So i’m sorry for the women out there who couldn’t get that dream job because the manager was a stupid slob


Keep on trying because that’s a lot better than giving up and dying 


I’m sure you will get your chance sooner or later because your power rivals all those haters


So stay strong and don’t let others make you think that you don’t belong


You all go to such great lengths and that’s what it means to have true strength