trahison d'amour

By: ariyanna smith

ARI GET DOWN HERE NOW…one moment . NOW!! Fine. Ari do me a favor me and your dad has to work please take care of the house and for the love of god please make sure sam doesn’t destroy the place while you’re at it. sam’s 14 he can watch himself. Why do I have to stay home and “babysit” ? I wanna hang out with nat this weekend. You heard what I said correct?Yes  me and your dad have a really big meeting with a tech company and the last thing we need is you two screwing it up. Fine mom drive safe bye sweetie. bye dad bye bye mom bye sweetface and lock this door ok mom. BRO HOW DID HE DO THAT HE HAS TO BE CHEATING..SAM!..YESSS. QUIET DOWN. Ok now what for dinner what for dinner SAM DO YOU WANT TACOS? YES tacos it is *phone ringing oh shoot hey nat. hey, are you still coming over this weekend? I cant i have to babysit my brother. isn’t your brother 14? Same thing i said whatevs see you at school i guess. Yeah anyways how’s your night so far? Its ok it would be great if you were here though. awe me? Yeah you who else? stop you’re gonna make me blush im making tacos you should just come to my place. i cant you know how your parents are you dont wanna risk us getting caught do you? No… ok so just my house for now at least until you finally do what i’ve been begging. i don’t understand why you won’t just come out. your family loves you their reactions can’t be that bad. i’m just not ready yet ok? Fine… SAM! Come eat i have to go nat talk to you later love you. i love you too, dinners ready hey? Who’d you say i love you to? omg sam mind yours. ooh ari’s got a boyfriennnnddd im telling dad. Sam i don’t care you’ve got dinner now beat it. whatever later loser. deuces… nuisance i swear that boy is holy crap i never finished my english essay it’s only 7 now so i’ve got 5 hours to finish it ugh who cares about Mark twain anyways? LETS GO! Sam i need quite im starting my essay. WHATEVER LOSER …current time: 11:57pm finally and submit plus with 3 minutes to spare? You  go ari. Ari can you make tacos again? Sam you waited till almost midnight to ask for tacos. no.. isn’t it time for bed anyways? But mom and dad aren’t here though. bye sam… whatever loser and go to bed you act like you don’t have practice tomorrow. Finally I can get some rest. The next morning* knock knock get up sam you’ve got football practice i’m going to make breakfast while you get ready mom and dad aren’t here yet so i’ll drop you off. Whatever, just get out of my room. Bacon.. eggs.. croissants *phone ringing hey mom. hey sweetie can you please drop your brother off at practice? I’m already on it…great things got a little hectic and me and your dad had to book a room. It’s ok mom i get it. we should be home by 6. Alright… bye blah blah blah at this point it’s like I’M sam’s mom. SAM BREAKFAST IS READY GET YOUR STUFF ON WE’RE LEAVING IN 15. Did mom say what time she and dad would be home? yeah but it’s not like they’re telling the eat so we can go… I  don’t want you to be late. I’m gonna go start the car…hey? Yeah? Ari I hope you know I love you ‘re like another mom to me. I love you too sam now finish your food we’ve got places to be and people to see. SAM HURRY TIME TO GO! I was coming i almost left my phone fine just buckle in. on the way home can we get pizza and wings? Yeah sure i don’t feel like cooking anyways.. Yesss (sam mutters) alright were here and what time is practice over again? Just be here by 3. Ok be safe sam CALL me. hey sams sister. Hey aye stop trying to flirt with my sister alright bye ari stop being so embarrassing all your life. *calling nat hey what are you doing at the moment i just dropped sam off wanna go see a movie? Yeah fine by me. Ok ill be there in 30 minutes just be ready. Lets see what i can listen to ooh bryson lets see what you got for me *just another interlude plays.. YOU KNOW I’LL WORK YOU OUT GET YOU RIGHT WITH YOUR PHYSICAL..yesss bryson oh let me call nat. Hey nat im out front.. ok coming hey babe *kiss  i have to stop at petsmart to get toys for leo.  Don’t you think leo has enough stuff? Enough? that word is very selective. Right.. Anyways what movie do you wanna see and anything horror i’m in for a good scare at the moment. Cool, it seems like they’ve got a new saw. Wanna see that? Anything that is fine with you is just fine in my book. So how’d your morning go? It went fine. I talked to my mom but I knew it was bullshit. How much do you wanna bet that they won’t even be home tonight? It’s like I was born to be a stay at home mom. I’m just glad they send me enough money a week to own a stadium or else me and Sam would be screwed. It must be hard being like a mom and a sister eh? You think and Sam’s such a pain he doesn’t cut me any slack. The only down time I get is when he’s at football practice or in bed.  Jeez here already? Don’t worry about it babe i’ll pay… no nat its fine i know how tough it is for you i just want you to be stress free… thanks but sometimes i feel like a burden to you. No never! Don’t even think like that .. two saw tickets please. Ok and if  you would like to purchase snacks just head on over to the concession. Thank you.. Enjoy your movie.. Hey would you like anything? Uh just popcorn and a drink would be fine can i get two large popcorn buckets and two large fountain drinks. You didn’t have to get me a large ari. I know I wanted to just relax babe i got it… that’ll be $22.50 are you paying with cash or card? Card please … ok just insert your card …and here’s your receipt enjoy your movie. Thank you… current time 1:34 pm wow that movie was great. I’m glad you enjoyed…ok but we’ve gotta go. I have to drop you off and get sam i cant stop at petsmart anymore the movie was longer than expected. That’s fine… I’ll see you at school tomorrow anyway. Yeah so lets go  a little while later* were here..ugh im not ready to leave you just yet give me kiss *mwah make sure to call me so i know you and sam are home safe. you.. I love you too. Ugh *calling sam. sam, be ready. I’ll be there soon.. Ok we were just wrapping up anyways. ok see you once i’m there *Some time passes sam? yeah … lets go. Aye we still on for pizza yeah sure i’ll get it delivered i’m not really in the mood for anymore driving. Hey? Is mom and dad back yet… not that i know of mom would have called and i haven’t heard from her all day..oh well at least you’re here. Of course, how was practice? It was good, great , wanna listen to something on the aux sammy? Yeah, hand me it. *Some more time passes and we’re home…finally it only took you an hour. Whatever, go get in some comfortable clothes while I get us dinner.. *Phone ringing tranzillis pizza what can i get you? Hey, can I get a large pepperoni pizza and 24 wings? And what kind of wings would you like? SAM WHAT WINGS? BUFFALO ugh how predictable buffalo please alright your total will be $30.24 i’d like to pay in advance please. Ok just give me your card numbers when you’re ready… OK your order should arrive in 30 minutes thank you for choosing tranzillis. Sam food will be here soon make sure you listen out for the pizza man. I’m gonna go finish my painting from the other day and play with leo. Whatever loser you love painting and that ugly frog more than you even like me. Sam just do as I say Jesus christ. Finally some down time… now let me play some music and pet leo. hey leo baby mommies home HEY ALEXA? Play chanel by frank ocean ok leo mommy has to focus so i’m gonna put you down now. I love painting landscapes so calming… ARI FOODS HERE! OK.  sam i’ll let you eat in your room just this once tho.. THANKS SIS YOUR THE BEST *hugs just please make sure to clean up after yourself i dont wanna find any pizza crust on the fresh carpet. You got it… ugh time to hit the hay goodnight sam and PLEASE i’m begging clean this room. Okay, I heard you the first time… SAM get up we’ve got school here take this it’s some money so you can buy you breakfast and lunch i don’t have time to cook… SAM! LETS GO IM STARTING THE CAR…what took you so long we’re gonna be late the more you lollygag? It wasn’t intentional, ok.. Whatever strap in or we’re gonna be late. *First period hey ms.buyers sorry i’m late i had to drop my brother off its ok ms.williams just take a seat… ok class your dismissed hey nat?.. Hey. Why’d you say hey like I did something? Have you ever considered that I’m sick of just seeing you in private and being your secret? Of course i get it but the time isn’t right yet… right whatever i’ll see you later. *Later on that day how was school sam it was good let me find my key hold on real quick *the door opens mom? HEY MOM hey sammy boy ari go to your dads office and i mean now. Well hello to you too mom.. Ari yes dad? You wanna explain to me why today i got sent a picture of you kissing nat to my work email. You got WHAT? Oh you don’t believe me? Look for yourself all this time you’ve been telling me that she’s just a friend so you can spend time with your quote on quote “girlfriend” how long has this been going on and why didn’t you tell me? I wasn’t ready yet and I don’t think I owe you that much of an explanation on why it’s not like you or mom are here for me anyways. I’m not upset, I just wish you would’ve told me now get out of my office. *calling nat…pick up pick up pick up hello? NAT you sent pictures of us to my father’s work email?!?! Im sorry ok the decision was impulsive and i was sick of hiding. Well good job you imbecile cause now we’re over.. Wait ari let me expla- . i can’t believe she would do that to me to US?!?!? UGH i just wanna sleep. HEY SAM! Did mom and dad leave yet? Yeah they’re gone, are you hungry? yeah . ok im gonna go make us dinner *Phone ringing i dont know why this girl keeps calling me done means done. SAM COME EAT! What’d you make? Chicken and shrimp Alfredo your fave. Hey? Is it true your dating nat? I was but it’s over now.. I like nat . yeah well i don’t… Why cause she outed you to dad? She just broke my trust ok? mind your business. I’m going to bed.. Goodnight then negative nancy. Alright sam have a good day *forehead kisses… ugh bro stop being so embarrassing. *after first period, ari wait up please. What do you want nat? I just wanna say sorry ok at the time i was upset and i felt like that was the best thing to do. Out of all things you could have possibly done you felt like outing me was the best option. Get out of my face done means done natalia. I love you.. If you “loved me” you wouldn’t have done what you did but you made your bed so now you lay in it hope the bed bugs don’t bite.

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