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I’m writing to you about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. I am a student at the U School and we have been learning about the history of Black Wall Street. While reading the graphic novel I learned many more things about Black Wall Street such as the location of Greenwood, A bit about the founder and The thriving community he created. And I learned more about how he was a free wealthy black man in that time.



     First, I would like to share my reactions after reading and annotating the HBO Watchmen Sponsored partnership production, The Massacre of  Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel (The Atlantic) Reading the article a sentence that i found that was interesting was “ Tulsa Race Massacre – explore a 200 year journey from 1821-2021 to discover how the fight for Black freedom in Oklahoma existed in different forms throughout history and into the present.” This stands out to me because they figure out how to black freedom and I feel like this is a very important thing that happened. 


   In addition, from our reading and research I learned some important social and economic conditions that existed in 1921 that connect to our present-day, 2021. In the History. Com article,  Entrepreneurs Who Helped Build Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street ( I learned about the school system of Tulsa, and how they have a developing businesses and how their or more other known businesses that help bring more popularity to Tulsa businesses. I just like how basically other businesses, Help Tulsa businesses rise up.


   Lastly, I would like to ask a question or offer compliment/ criticism about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. A question I got if I may ask is what inspired you or motivated you to say,” Mhmm this looks interesting. I would like to learn about this?”. My compliment is to keep up the good work. I loved your writing and hope to read some more in the future.




  Lisvez vargas  

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