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After Nate’s mom died his whole world changed, he began to distance himself from his siblings (he was never really close with his stepdad and he doesn’t know his real dad). His mom died in a car accident when they were on their way home from Nate’s basketball game. Nate witnessed the whole thing and feels guilty because he felt that he could have prevented it in some way.  On the way home Nate and his mom got into a bad argument about his grades and she says if he doesn’t get his grades up he cannot play basketball anymore and Nate feels like she’s being unreasonable because basketball is his whole life.  He tries to reason with her. “But mom you can’t take basketball away from me,” says Nate in a stern tone.

“Your grades are way more important than something as little as basketball,” says Nate’s mom in a snarky tone.

Nate dramatically jumps out of the car and his mom tries to hurry up and pull over when suddenly a truck slams into the front of her car. “BANG”  Nate runs over to the front seat and sees his unconscious mother and starts yelling for help, the truck driver quickly dials 911 and tries to calm Nate down “Everything is gonna be okay help is on the way as we speak,” says the truck driver in a caring tone. Nate’s eyes fill with tears. He cries hysterically as the ambulance pulls up and takes his mom away. 

He waits for news about his mom as the rest of his family arrives at the hospital, around 15 minutes later the doctors approach them with an upset look on their faces. “We did everything we could but her injuries were too severe, she passed away during surgery,” says doctor 1 in a serious but calm tone. Nate’s whole world just goes blank, he wakes up in a hospital bed confused about

what happened when he sees his family and everything just comes rushing back, the first thing Nate felt was guilt.  The ride home was one of the quietest rides ever. 

After the funeral, Nate couldn’t stand the pain of not having his mom around so he locked himself in his room only coming out to eat. Until one day  he hears a knock on his door. “go away!” Nate yells thinking it’s his siblings or something 

“Nate open the door,” Imani says softly, Nate rushes up to open the door and sees his very best friend standing there with food in her hand with a soft smile (he hasn’t talked to her since the funeral). They sit on down on his bed in silence while they eat until Imani breaks the silence “I’m sorry about your mom, you know I cared about her too” she says not looking up from her food 

“ I know you did,” Nate says quietly 

After some time Imani leaves and Nates walks her downstairs they hug goodbye as Imani’s mom pulls up and softly smiles at Nate, he smiles back as Imani walks to the car. Nate goes back into the house and reality immediately sets in, he heads upstairs to his room when he sees his stepdad passed out on the couch with about a dozen bottles around him. Nate quietly cleans it up, Nate’s siblings went to their grandparents after the funeral so it’s just him and his stepdad at home, it’s pretty quiet until his stepdad starts drinking and yelling so when that happens Nate just tries to stay as far away as possible so he won’t be bothered. 

Nate realizes that he should go back to school tomorrow since he already missed a lot of work and he misses basketball. Nate gets up for school, finally checks his phone, and sees text messages from his teammates and classmates sending their condolences, he texts them back one by one as he gets ready to head out. He tells Imani that he’s on his way because they ALWAYS walk to school together, he lowkey forgets his way because he hasn’t been there in a while. He finally gets to her house, they hug and start walking to school which is only around the corner. Nate gets

to school and Imani heads to class while he goes to the principal’s office to get reinstated because he was gone for so long. Nate walks in and goes to the front desk “is Mr. Lewis here?” he asks the lady at the front desk 

“Yes, one minute and he’ll be right out,” says the lady at the front desk. Nate sits down and waits while she calls the principal “hello, yeah there’s a student here waiting for you” she says to Mr. Lewis 

“What’s your name hun?” she quietly asks Nate 

“Nate” he replies quietly 

              “Nate is here waiting for you … mhm ..yeah ..okay,” she says on the phone with Mr. Lewis. She hangs up the phone and tells Nate to go sit in Mr. Lewis’s office and wait there, a couple of minutes goes by and Mr. Lewis walks into the office and takes a seat behind his desk. “I’m sorry about your mom, I’m always here if you wanna talk,” says Mr. Lewis in a caring tone

             “Thank you Mr. Lewis but I’m fine now,” says Nate with a smile. Mr .lewis and Nate talk for a while and then Nate heads to his second period. Nate’s first day back went pretty well, everyone gave their condolences and gave Nate his space. 

            At the end of the day, Nates goes to talk to his coach about staying late to catch up on the practice days he missed so he can be ready for the game after thanksgiving which is only 9 days away. His coach agrees and tells him that he can start tomorrow, Nate then goes home and starts doing missing work. 

           Fast forward to thanksgiving Nate is ready for his game tomorrow and has a quarter of his work done. Thanksgiving is quieter this year, every year Nate’s family does Thanksgiving at their house but nobody was really in the mood for it this year. Imani invited Nate over to her house but

he just decided to stay home and finish his work. Nate tries not to think about his mother so he likes to always be busy, but on days like this where family is the main topic, it’s extremely hard.

Nates hears loud banging downstairs and gets up to see what’s going on, he walks downstairs and sees his stepdad just destroying the living room. Nate yells at him to stop breaking things “STOP, like what are you doing” says Nate, his stepdad stumbles toward Nate and he immediately smells the alcohol on him. 

                “ What did you just say to me?” his stepdad says back aggressively. Nate tries to go walk away but his stepdad just keeps yelling at him, “ it’s all your fault if you would’ve-” Nate interrupts him

      “ if I would’ve what? I tried to help but there was nothing I could do, she was already dead before we even got to the hospital”, Nate yells. The whole house went silent and suddenly a lamp goes flying at him, Nate quickly moves and just leaves. He starts wandering around outside when he looks up and finds himself at Imani’s house he’s not surprised that he ended up there since he’s been coming here since he was a kid. He calls Imani  “hey, you up,” he asks 

“It’s 3 am why would I be up,” she says sleepily 

    “ do you think you can sneak outside I’m on your step waiting for you” Imani was hesitant at first but then she agrees, a couple of minutes later she comes from around the back of her house and sits on the steps with Nate. 

“So what happened are you okay?” Imani asks caringly 

“Yeah everything is fine I just got into an argument with my stepdad so I went for a walk”  Nate didn’t really wanna talk about anything he just needed someone to be there. Nate leans into Imani’s shoulder and just stays there while she rubs his head soothingly. Eventually, they realize

that it’s gonna be time for school so they get up “thank you for coming outside with me I needed this” Nate says while he goes in for a hug. 

“I’m happy to help” she replies while hugging him back. 

Nate gets home and sees his stepdad asleep on the couch, he heads upstairs and starts getting ready for school and he packs a duffel bag because he has a game today at 5 pm. He’s ready for school a little early today so he decides to make breakfast. He makes 2 breakfast sandwiches one for him and one for Imani because she always forgets to eat breakfast. He watches tv to pass time, he leaves out and starts walking to Imani’s house. He texts her to come out, about two minutes later she comes out, he hands her the sandwich and they eat it as they walk to school. 

“Are you coming to my game later?” Nate asks while chewing 

“ of course I am, it’s at 5 right?” Imani answers while laughing at him.


It’s the end of the school day and Nate is getting ready for his game with his team while he’s practicing he gets a little dizzy, he doesn’t think anything of it and keeps practicing. They do their team chant while the other team walks in. 

It’s the start of the game, Nate looks at the crowd and spots Imani, they wave at each other with a slight smile and then the game starts. The crowd is so loud and all Nate hears is the basketball hitting the ground and screaming suddenly he feels dizzy again and he hits the floor. Everyone goes silent and Imani rushes down the bleachers, she tries to wake him hysterically and tells someone to call for help. She holds him in her arms until help comes they then put him in the back of the ambulance. His coach goes with him. Imani immediately calls her mom to take her to the hospital. 

When she gets there she sees Nate’s grandmother and asks her what’s going on “what happened, where is he right now?” Imani frantically asks 

“He’s in the ICU they don’t know what is wrong with him yet but they’re gonna update me as soon as they know”. Says Nate’s grandmother.

Imani sits down and waits with her.

The doctors come out “ we’re still waiting for some test results but he’s stable now and you both can go see him” says doctor 1 in a professional tone. 

Nate’s grandmother and Imani follow behind the doctors to Nate’s room and see him.




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March 14, 2022 3:07 am

this story was very entertaining, i like how she used figurative language when she said “Nate dramatically jumps out of the car and his mom tries to hurry up and pull over when suddenly a truck slams into the front of her car. “BANG”” it makes the story more exciting.

Jahnya Smith
Jahnya Smith
March 12, 2022 10:18 pm

I like this story, its very interesting. I mostly like the character Imani just because she checked up on her close friend and was very caring. I really look forward to reading the rest of your story. Proud of you Niyonna.

February 12, 2022 10:12 pm

Your story is very good and it seem like a movie . It Gives like a very emotional feeling within the whole story. I like how you had like the characters feelings and conversation. But I feel like your story is good and You don’t need to add everything.

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