A young teenage high school boy moved to New York with his Aunt Hehet after His home was raided by burglars. Not knowing how to adjust, Gyasi soon realizes that He needs a job because New York is a very expensive place to live. Gyasi calls his Aunt for a Temporary stay until he can get back up on his feet but his Aunt insists that he lives with her. Gyasi happily takes his Aunt up on her offer and he thanked her profusely. We move a couple of years later when he’s settled in and lives happily with his aunt. His best Friend Kritika of 3 years has been acquainted with Aunt Hehet and their bond is amazing. Gyasi attends East Aurora High School and has a whole different life while attending. Popularity becomes Gyasi because of his charming attitude and caring personality. Everyone loves Gyasi including the teachers. But there seems to be someone that likes Gyasi a bit more than everyone else. This young girl that no one seems to realize exist, is constantly at every turn where Gyasi appears to be but somehow he doesn’t realize she’s there. As the end of the school day approaches, everyone packs their bags and leave. As the day turns into night Gyasi speed walks home. He suddenly comes to a stop as he hears ruffling near trash cans and trash bags. Thinking a rodent has entered the trash can Gyasi continues to speed walk as his shoes become creased with each step. Paranoia becomes Gyasi as he looks back after every 5 seconds. He continues to hear rattling and then he hears footsteps. The footsteps get louder and faster and when Gyasi looks back he sees his old elementary school friend Terry. Gyasi lets out a loud screech as he is startled. “Hey Gyasi, sorry for the scare, I didn’t know you that came to new york what brings you here?” 

Gyasi breathes a sigh of relief and says “you startled me for a second, but I moved here after my house has been raided by burglars.” 

“My goodness, I’m so sorry that happened to you. How’s everything going?” says Terry. “Everything has been pretty good actually. I’ve built a new and better life here and my aunt has been even happier while i stay with her.” 

“That’s wonderful news! But you haven’t called me or texted me and I thought something happened. Still though I’m glad to see that you’re getting along nicely here.”
“ Thank you. And I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch I’ve been trying to get my life together and it’s been hard. And I lost your number during the robbery so it been difficult getting in touch with anyone.” says Gyasi.

 “Well anyways enough with the sadness let’s go have some fun. My friends invited me to a cabin out in the woods, I think we’ll have a good time.” terry says. Gyasi agrees to go but he doesn’t have an outfit. 

“I’m going to go home and change,” says Gyasi. 

“I’ll text you the address,” says terry. Gyasi nods and heads on home. As Gyasi is changing, he feels eyes peering through him like someone is watching his every move. He starts to have an ominous feeling and starts to dress even faster. As he walks over to close his blinds he hears ruffling in the bushes outside of his window. Gyasi slowly goes to check out the bush noises and to his surprise, he sees a bunch of baby possums playing around. He breathes a sigh of relief once more as he gets startled easily. Being sure that it was just possums making noise he turns around and sees a tall and skinny being in front of his face. Gyasi froze in fear for a couple of minutes before he ran back into his house. Scared of what he saw Gyasi calls his aunt and tells her of what he saw. Aunt Jendayi said,

” you’re probably just tired, just get some sleep.” He agreed and went to bed but before that, he texted Terry and told him that he wasn’t feeling well but he was free the next day. When Gyasi woke up he remembers the figure that he saw and thought that it was just a dream. Still shaken up by the figure, Gyasi manages to get through his day with a smile on his face. Terry calls Gyasi and lets him know that the party is tonight and Gyasi says 

“ok, I’ll be there.” Gyasi has on his party outfit and waits for the day to become night. As time passes by, Gyasi watches his favorite movie 

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone,” Terry calls Gyasi and lets him know that he’s outside. Gyasi steps outside and notices that terry drives a Lamborghini and asks him 

“wow, how did you get this?” Terry says 

“my dad owns a business and lends me money from time to time. Plus I saved money for a car.” “oh, that’s cool,” Gyasi says calmly. Down the road is where Gyasi and Terry go. Gyasi nervously asks Terry if anything strange has been happening recently. 

“No why?” says Terry.

“No reason says Gyasi.”

Terry gives him a strange look while he continues to drive. They get to the party and immediately Gyasi starts looking around. He veers off from Terry to find something interesting and ends up finding an abandoned wooden lodge. Entering the creaky wooden door, he sees a couch and sits after he closes the door behind him. Wanting to be alone for a minute, he tries to go on TikTok but notices the service is terrible. As Gyasi angrily stands up and throws his phone on the couch, he notices that someone is peaking through the corner of the window. 

 “Haha very funny, come out and stop playing.” Gyasi says with a smug look on his face.

Bursting through the door came the figure from the window.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Gyasi screams.

Gyasi and the figure stare at each other for a minute before Gyasi asks “what are you doing?” “and what are you?” noticing that the figure has no feet, no hands, an abnormally slim body, one large arm, and a floating head, he quickly runs to an upstairs bedroom and hides in an abandoned closet full of roaches and rodents. He hears light taps coming from the stairs and covers his mouth to lessen the sound of his breathing. As he sits in the corner nervously awaiting his doom, he notices a big red button on the wall. Hoping and praying that the button would help him out of the scary situation, he presses the button and notices that nothing happens. He notices that he doesn’t hear the footsteps anymore so he comes out of the closet. 

“Everything looks the same. I wonder what happened” Gyasi says to himself. 

As he walks out of the room, he notices that the house he’s in starts to look familiar but he pays it no mind. Gyasi starts walking down the steps not realizing that the walls behind him start to glitch. He hears sounds that sound like robot noises and turns around. Astonished by what he sees Gyasi doesn’t move one bit. He sees the house changing by the glitches and starts to remember where he is.

“I’M BACK HERE?!” Gyasi asks himself.

Gyasi soon realizes that he’s back at his home in Egypt from where he left because of the burglary. Once more his surroundings start to glitch and he notices that he’s at his school. Gyasi slowly starts losing his memory of the places that he’s from. He realizes that he’s been living in another universe. A universe that is almost identical to his with a few major changes.

 “I finally understand now.” 

“But why am I here?” 

He also notices that the brands and logos that he thought once was, was a hoax.

Gyasi feels like he’s seen this exact moment happen to him before but he’s not quite sure.

“Why is this happening and why did I press that button?” he asks

He notices that he’s been living multiple lives in multiple realities in multiple dimensions.

Nothing but a black void starts to fill the space around Gyasi. He starts to panic as he realizes that there’s nothing he can do. Suddenly he can see 7 words that spell out “MANDELA”.

He finally understands that he’s been living through the Mandela effect but doesn’t understand why it’s just him. Once more the area around him becomes even darker to where he can’t even see the words. “Why me” was Gyasi’s last thought before becoming part of the void that surrounds him. Now back to the beginning where we see Gyasi in his home in Egypt. Having not a single recollection of what happened, Gyasi just thought he had a bad dream he couldn’t remember. Gyasi will live the exact same dream over and over until he realizes beforehand that he’s in the Mandela effect. Will he ever know?

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