Power of language and social media

Today in our society, one of our strongest gifts that every one of us has is the power of language. We use our power of language every day to express our emotions, how we’re feeling, how we communicate, and to get our point across whatever that may be. We have many technologies and platforms today that help us express ourselves using our power of language. Social media is a very present thing to many people of all ages, where we can tell people how we’re feeling, or share experiences. With all the current issues occurring right now, including racism, the election, body image, sex trafficking, and many others, social media platforms can be used to state your opinion and speak up for what you believe at the same time as educating you and many others. A quote from an article I read said “the use of social media in education provides students with the ability to get more useful information”(Relojo). One can use social media and their power of language to bring awareness to a topic that might be very important to them. An article written by Smart Social read “social media has allowed teens to develop a voice of advocacy”. Meaning that social media recently has been a place for teens and anyone of any age to use their power of language and express their thoughts and beliefs. It also said, “social media can lead to more communication”(Smart Social). Small conversations are also how people can express themselves to others and all the platforms that are available help us to do so.


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