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Hello and good afternoon.

My profile picture is of a dinosaur playing drums. I chose this because I play drums and I was feeling a bit dinosaur-y today. I really like the word “dinosaur-y” because it expresses to the exact degree of specificity and generality what I would like to share about my state of mind at the moment!

Generally, dinosaurs are scaly, they roar, they’re big, and sometimes they can seem pretty terrifying. More specifically, it’s difficult to tell much about dinosaurs because they are all extinct.

My dinosauriness also might explain my choice of cover photo, which is also of dinosaurs. I also like the word “dinosauriness” because it means the state of being “dinosaur-y.” When I think about being dinosaur-y as an existential state of being, it makes me laugh.

Have a good day!

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July 9, 2022 6:02 pm

Hi Jesse! Dinosaur-y and dinosauriness are wonderful new words to add to my vocabulary and share with my third graders next year. What grade/content area will you be working with/in? Thank you for sharing your new words and ideas with the Youth Voices community!

Reply to  Jesse
July 9, 2022 7:04 pm

That’s wonderful! The music teacher at my school is one of my favorite colleagues to collaborate with!

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